Good Morning Friday 5th July 2024

Good Morning everybody, hope you are all well.

More rain overnight (15mm) which is definitely not needed - One of the nice things about Australia is that it does tend to rain at night, on the other hand everything tends toward excess.

It was bin collection this morning, they all used to be collected by 7.30am and the green and red bin still are but recently the yellow bin never gets emptied until 11am. Not something I would worry about BUT the bins on the other side of the street are still collected by 7.30, whoever the driver is must have changed his route and it bugs me.

Thanks, that’s my whinge for the day done an dusted.

Went shopping early to buy cereal and fruit, should have bought milk too but forgot will get that tomorrow morning. I like where I live because shopping is a two minute stroll.

Spent a little time shovelling some of the mounds of mud back into their wheel tracks but it will be a long time before it dries enough to get a car on it. There are no dry days forecast until Wednesday or Thursday :cry:

Hope you have a more exciting day planned…

Take care.


Good morning @Bruce and everyone.
You’re lucky being able to walk to the local shop. We have a 15-minute drive to get into town, no services at all around here, just post-office but you still need the car to get there. I’m used to it now though, I’ve been living in the country for nearly 30 yrs, I prefer the peace and quiet, clean air and being surrounded by nature, a mind-soother.


Still closing out the 4th here in 30 minutes. Another day in the hundreds. With a little luck, we will get some rain from the hurricane head towards Texas. Most likely, we won’t get any here. Fireworks still going off around here.


Morning all – rain this morning – with more promised for the rest of the day! :cloud_with_rain:

Hope you manage to repair that damaged ground soon Bruce

Didn’t make my coffee meet up yesterday – as I was about to leave my brother rang. He had been to visit Mum who asked where his wife was and why she hadn’t visited. For those unaware my brother lost his wife and his daughter within 2 months of each other 18 months ago and Mum has dementia. He said it upset him, although he didn’t let her know, and he was feeling guilty for resenting her. 35 minutes was spent just letting him vent – it was draining but I am glad he feels he can open up to me. I was able to convince him that his feelings were perfectly normal and there was no need to feel guilty. His mood gradually improved and we were able to talk about other things and after an hour reached the point where we were insulting each other (how our conversations usually go!)

Neighbours have invited me out for dinner tonight but I declined. They always insist on paying and it is making me feel uncomfortable. It is her birthday tomorrow so I told them I will leave them to have a nice romantic dinner alone. He wasn’t able to look at my car yesterday as he was busy fighting the weeds which had taken over his garden while they were away. He said he will have a look at it today (which is why it is raining!)

Nothing else planned for today – sorry for such a boring post!

Take care – hope everyone enjoys their day


Good morning Bruce, Rose, Robin and all who follow. It’s another drab day weatherwise by the look of it, but not raining - yet. It’s our bin day today too Bruce - blue bin and two green ones plus the food waste bin (mine is full of apple cores and banana skins).
Not much planned today apart from lunch with a friend. The place we go to for our lunch is next to the Grand Union Canal with the M1 a field away, so we watch two modes of transport as we eat - the slow versus the speedy, I know which one I prefer.
I hope you have managed to get your car sorted out Sheila - it’s such a worry when things don’t go as they should. Every time I go to start my car I almost cross my fingers that it will start and that nothing is amiss with it. At its last service I was told that I need to use it more or else the battery will lose power, so that planted a seed of doubt in my mind, it doesn’t take much to do that a far as my car is concerned!
I bought a couple of books in the charity shop yesterday, the shelves were almost empty of books so there must be some avid readers out there. One of the books is by Linda La Plante, I’ve seen adaptations of her books on TV but haven’t read anything by her, so I look forward to that.
Have a good day everyone!


It looks as if I was writing my contribution just as yours was posted Sheila - so my question about your car was answered. I hope you can get it sorted out soon.

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Good morning, a wet one it is too. Not much to do today, apart from a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. An LHRH implant injection into the stomach.


I suppose we are lucky in that respect in that we have good convenience store about 10 minutes away. It includes a post office, all kinds of things including alcoholic beverages


Good Morning Everyone, it’s good to see everyone chatting away… :+1:
So that’s politics for another four years, we can all get on with something productive now.
Wasn’t going to jog today, but after half a mile felt really good and couldn’t resist it… :man_running:
Nice and sunny with fluffy white clouds quickly scurrying across the sky…It must be so windy up there…
Mrs Fox has gone to help out at the church hall serving dinners, she’ll be away for most of the day, so while the cats away the Fox will play… :nerd_face:
Off to watch yesterday’s tour on the telly now and will probably fall asleep…Life of Riley springs to mind…Toodle Oooooo…


Good morning from the big cleanup! A few stragglers were out with me cleaning up the driveways and streets from the fireworks litter first things this morning. The drains in our neighborhood drain directly into the river, so people on the street are generally very good about being mindful of that stewardship. I really enjoy Independence Day; it’s one of those light-hearted holidays that brings people together and neighbors out of their houses. On the same patriotic vein, congratulations on executing your free and fair election and for voting yesterday (regardless of opinions about how it turned out). It is an extraordinary privilege and responsibility.

Unlike some folks who were out there (ahem - Are you supposed to be doing that?) fleet-footed this morning, I skipped the running in favor of getting things back in order. I confess a little sigh of victorious relief for have the entertaining, family visit, and celebration over my shoulder and feel like I have a fun ticket to spend, but I’m not sure what I want to do today. I’ll probably just knock out some household and DIY chores. I am nothing if not glamorous and exciting :rofl:.

Sheila, I am not sure your brother is a reader, but I highly recommend Roadshow by Neil Peart. He was the drummer of Rush who lost his daughter and wife within a year, and the book is about his time on tour, riding a motorcycle to our national parks between performances, and coping through his grief.

I am with those envious to live in a place where a walk to shops and services is possible! I practically have to drive the car to pick up the mail!

The dogs are begging for cheese, so I have my marching orders.

Have a pleasant day!


We have fireworks here in UK but in November for Guy Fawks.


Had the capsule implant (I’ve 'ad worse). This one lasts for 3 months. Hormone therapy they call it. I have still got a deep voice and need to shave every day though. :slight_smile: A side effect is hot flushes. :hot_face:

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Thank goodness NSW banned fireworks without a permit decades ago (my kids have never bought them and so don’t miss them). All our firework displays are organised and generally big - New Year and Australia Day but the Ag Shows usually end with a good display too.

You used to be able to get fireworks in the ACT but they cracked down on people from NSW buying them (not sure how).