Good Morning Friday 5th April 2024

How are you all this morning?

Our rain event is supposed to start this afternoon but in the meantime, for a bit of morning variety, I will share some stills from my dashcam of yesterday’s drive home if only to show that driving on Australian roads is not all outback emptiness. This is the Hume Hwy, the main road between Melbourne and Sydney and is very busy but a dual carriageway all the way. Just skip over if they are a bit boring.

Started off fine near Wagga

Then it just got greyer and the traffic got heavier.

There’s even farm machinery crossing the highway.

Anyway for today’s rain event the advice is stay indoors, do not drive!

Hope your day is more promising. Do share your photos of the day.


Thanks for sharing the dashboard pictures. It does bring a new view of Australia. I’m waiting for laundry and going to pack a little. Tomorrow’s going to be a little rough trying to get to work then drive out.

I’m glad this week is almost over. Looking forward to coming back home and preparing better for next week. Photo hunting is making me more aware again the passage of time.

Have a superb day all!

Pictures from Sugarland, Texas parks:


The trees are my favorite element at this park. No matter the season, the little trees out of the water add a surreal element to the pond.


Somewhere in Houston sunset:

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Bruce, relooking at your pictures, is red circled item, the antenna to the car?


good morning and rain it is, quite heavy already and we have a storm coming in to our west coast, albeit i’m about 20 miles inland. So i need a few plan B’s

Morning all - heavy rain overnight, bright sunshine first thing but it has now clouded over, in fact typical British weather

Had a lovely time sharing coffee with friends yesterday, two other ladies joined us and it was interesting talking to them.

Off to the hairdresser later this morning - then may call in to the church hall where they are having a coffee get together - I rarely say no to coffee!

Lovely photos Bruce and LF - I would post pictures but 1. I don’t think anyone would be interested in the built up area I now live in and 2. I don’t know how!!

Sorry you have had a bad week LF - hope next week is better. Stay safe Bruce

Take care - have a great day everyone

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Good afternoon…Sorry late again… :flushed: I’ll be late for my own funeral… :coffin:
Very stormy today with some quite violent rain showers, but I managed to find a window of blue skies and sun to complete a nice 3 mile jog/walk along the canal towpath.
I was in the shower when suddenly it went so dark, I could hardly see what to wash, or find something to wash it in…Just as well I keep everything in the same place so if I go blind I’ll know where to find it…
Great pictures LF and Bruce, what a good idea, a picture speaks a thousand words, unfortunately I read this after I returned or else I would have taken my camera…But here are some photos I took previously on the same route I walked today…Enjoy…




That’s the tiny aerial for my UHF radio, if I am travelling to remote areas it is changed for a much bigger antenna. I rarely turn it on when travelling near the Great Dividing Range though a lot use it for warning of police cars and RBT stops. At my age sped limits have ceased to be a challenge so never speed (thank you cruise control) and don’t drink and drive so don’t need it.

It is handy for ordering a meal at an upcoming road house and monitoring traffic (especially road trains) on single lane roads though to be honest it is mostly used to chat to people I am travelling with.

Look at 45 seconds in to see why. (Oh and you can see the “normal” aerial)


There’s always tomorrow. nice pics, shame about the weather :wink:

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That’s so busy Bruce. Over here on the M1 each of those trailers would be behind just one tractor unit, so instead of gaps between them, they are end to end, even spilling over into the middle lane. How come it got so bad as this…Global isn’t working I tell you… :009:

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They get in the middle lane here too, but they are speed limited to 100kph so you can get past them, they usually only take 30 seconds or so to pass each other

Those are B-Doubles by the way, not road trains, the latter are only allowed in outback areas and not allowed to enter towns whereas B-Doubles are allowed into towns on certain routes they are big but.

Road trains (A-Triples) are over 50 metres long whereas B doubles are only half that.

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Hi thanks Sheila, I just got back from camping. I’m hoping to remember this. It was invigorating and exactly what I needed. With temperatures going up soon. I hope to get maybe one trip solo in soon.