Good Morning Friday 28th April 2023

Morning all!

I’m still focused on taking a break from deadlines and such. Yesterday was a break day and am hoping for one today as well.

The weather is heating up.

I’m watching streaming tv shows by the handful, mostly while I’m doing other stuff. I’m hoping to do more of that today.

Have a lovely day everyone.


Good morning!

It’s a bit dull & damp this morning, though not actually raining; hopefully it will brighten up later

My landlord/housing association has arranged an electrical inspection this morning, then I’ll think about how to spend the rest of the day & weekend

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Morning all.

A trip to the library for me. Return all the five books I have and can’t get into, and collect one that’s been on reserve.

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Weekend’s here. Looking forward to dinner. It’s Fryup night with newly acquired special pack of meaty sausages, Cumberland I believe. Bacon rashers, eggs and hash browns plus half a can of Haggis.

Looking forward to 1 May and fantastic comings.

Have a super day!

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Good Morning All

Rain last night, dry now.

A busy morning, nurse has just left, was here an hour, carer coming this afternoon and the bins have to go out tonight due to the Bank Holiday Monday.

Have a good day all.

Morning all.

Not very nice weather here, was raining this morning, stopped now but very dull but quite mild out.

Went to B&Q this morning and bought some plants.

Not going out anymore today.

Have a nice day all.

Did my trip to town. Got money out from the PO, bought a stamp for a birthday card. Returned books to library, took out a few more, chatted to a neighbour, and could have lingered. Still had time on my parking. Oh, and got rid of a lot of glass recycling in the bins provided.

Home, quick cuppa, long walk with the dog, and just enjoyed fresh fish and chips from round the corner, with another cuppa. Defrosted a portion of mushy peas (had previously opened a can and didn’t want to waste any) to go with it. Very enjoyable.

Fancy a kip now.

Home after enjoying two weeks visiting Welsh Marches castles
Had a great time…
Also did the cotswold.
Weather behaved itself.

Here’s a castle the fabulous Raglan Castle


Supernatural you are cruel, I’ve just had to wipe up my drool after salivating re your ‘menu’. :confounded:. :grin: