Good morning Friday 27/05/22

Good morning all, nice and sunny here.
Not a lot happening in Corton today.
Might go out to the Aquatic shop to buy more plants for the tank.
Have a nice all.

This is where I live now, used to be a Tea Room.

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What a smashing photo Susie, around early fifties do you think? Must have changed quite a bit since… :thinking:

Morning everyone, sunny here but quite a chill wind at the moment…

Just back from doing the Tesco shop and pondering the day whilst wasting an hour with the papers and the internet, but nothing planned as yet.

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

Tried to help my daughter and her husband pack their Patrol for their trip to Victoria, camping at Winton Raceway. I took the dog for a walk after they left and got lost.

Bloody cold, it is Canberra after all, down to 5° last night and got up to 17 during the day. I brought one bag of just warm clothes, now you can understand why!

Am off to a buffet with my middle son and his family this evening, I might even have a beer (or three)

Have a good one…

Well pleased with myself today. I managed to do the daily walk including a steep incline without stopping. First time i have managed to do this so well chuffed. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Sue is off to get the car tyre now so that is my next job fitting it onto the car and checking tyre pressure
Just seen a little robin trapped under the netting for the strawberries, so done my good deed for the day and freed it.

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That’s a very interesting photo.Looks like the snack bar was owned by Bill ,Francis and Dick. :grinning:

Good morning everybody.

Just housework & a walk round the pond planned today.

Lovely picture of your home as it was Susie.

Have a good day all…

Good morning all

How the devil are you all?

Off today and not doing much a bit of gardening and book reading, just taking the dog out and waiting for washing out of the washing machine. Lovely day as far as I can see it now.

Just a question has anyone had there £150 from the government and what do you all think of the new moves by the chancellor?

Good morning all.
Beautiful cloudless blue sky and sunshine here this morning.

Another fruitless morning so far, trying to order things from firms that don’t comply with their delivery dates. Grrr.

Apart from that, just the usual chores and grass cutting today.
Have fun, folks. :smiley:

Good morning all :grinning: a lovely sunny day…

The day has started well …. we have just been hosts to a very nice police officer who has questioned us about the gang incident in our road where a man was killed on Tuesday night. :slightly_smiling_face:

No particular plans so I’ll be able to potter in the garden later.

Enjoy your day folks…

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Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: a lovely sunny day but still quite cool.

Washing hung out,Waitrose order put away I am waiting for the postman to arrive with a new batch of yeast, he has been very late the last few days.
I am going to make a batch of wholemeal rolls. I have just cooked a joint of ham
and will make ham also smoked salmon/cream cheese rolls for a picnic tomorrow with the children. My DIL is away camping with 2 of the children so it will just be my son and the other 3.

Barry, the area still looks exactly the same now.

Morning all.

Much cooler last night than it has been for several days. That allowed me to sleep like a log. Nice! :sleeping:

There are a few clouds in the sky with some breeze so I’m hoping for some cool weather coming up.

Besides a couple tiny chores, I’m hoping for a restful day.

Have a beautiful everyone.

Blimey @susiejaeger , you’ve still got a tin roof with “Teas” written on it???:flushed: :rofl:

lol I took her literally and thought that’s what she meant too. I’ve seen pictures of people living in warehouses and cargo containers. I thought it was pretty neat.

After eating a 40 oz. (2 1/2 lb) jar of peanut butter, I found out yesterday that it is recalled for salmonella. I was just about to start in on the next 40 oz. jar so it was good to find out. The person who told me had been sick from it. My stomach has been a bit off lately but I didn’t think it was from the peanut butter.

Err no, the Tea Room was demolished in 1990 and two houses were built in replace of it.