Good Morning Friday, 26th April 2024

Good morning all you happy people.

It is quiet out there in the streets with so many people taking a sickie or a day’s leave to enjoy a very long weekend. It has become so common double demerits apply until Sunday midnight (driving in NSW)

Just the usual walk this morning, there was a full moon or nearly full anyway, it is quite chilly at the moment, I think the day is only getting up to 20°, have been wearing my cardigan for a few days now. The cloudless skies don’t help.

Spent a frustrating morning looking at caravan parks on my proposed route, some fees have gone mad since Covid I saw one charging $40 (£20) for a powered site. I can understand this in remote place, say, crossing the Nullarbor, where they have to generate their own power and ship in water, but this was nowhere special.

Printed out a little holder for the remote controls in my camper, came out quite well, it took over 13 hours to print overnight. Probably will spend more of the day collecting stuff I need to take with me.

Hope you have a good day, if you are working, it’s Friday! Yah!


All those rugby posts.You’d think you were in Wales until you looked at the sky.


Good morning all!

Yep, a similar situation here as far as camping is concerned Bruce. Not only have prices gone up but it’s getting increasingly more competitive when it comes to finding a pitch, especially on the coastal sites during the summer. We just backpack it so we’re not even after an electrical hook up. It’s partly a consequence of living in the densely populated south east. Oh well, wild camping is legal in Scotland, can’t wait to move next year :+1:

Nothing mega planned for today, weather’s all gloomy yet again anyway. Just pottering around at home and psyching myself up for a busy but fun day at work tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a good day forum people :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Good morning everyone, it’s gloomy here too, and it’s been raining again! Still very cold too, even though we’re supposed to have sunny, warm weather this weekend, doesn’t seem like it at the moment! I used to complain about London weather, always grey and rainy, but our climate here has gone completely crazy! Where has our Mediterranean climate gone to? Long, hot summers are a thing of the past.
January was unusually mild and dry, but now April is colder than a usual Winter month!

Wishing everybody a nice day, hoping you get more sun than we’ve been seeing lately.


That’s a council sports ground - league of course not union.

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Most roadside rest areas here allow at least 24 hour over night stays. My kids never stay at a caravan park or anywhere they have to pay (unless travelling with me) but I like a bit of comfort am not fussed whether powered or not, I can cope with either, some places only charge me powered camping rates when they find I don’t have air con.

However I am equipped to camp off grid and have a shower/ensuite tent on the side of my car.

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Good morning!
Bit chilly here at the moment but very sunny so i don’t mind - a few degrees warmer would be nice. Maybe later.

So many things to do on my ‘agenda’, but i think better to take advantage of the lovely weather, get some exercise (a very long walk along the river sounds good), then work in the garden.

That’s enough exercise for one day, and i’ll sleep very well tonight!

Have a great day everyone. :smiling_face:


Good Morning/Afternoon From Foxy’s World… :sun_with_face:
Not a cloud in the sky this morning but 2 degrees C when I set off for a swift five miler. Here is the map of my workout. The red bits are running…And the miles in the blue circles. It came out at 5.25 miles…

Nice’N dry through the wood and down the lane, with a nice display of Bluebells covering the floor in the wood.
Being so cold everyone must have turned up their heating, because you can just see the steam from Drax power station in the distance on full power…

Went out in the shorts this morning, but after putting in some running I wasn’t cold. Had enough time to capture the woods over the fields where my best friend Bill and me had many adventures back in the fifties.

Unfortunately this field has just had planning permission accepted for a builder to erect 170 houses…


Afternoon all – whoops, I am late today - I grovel in mortification! Weather started cloudy but we now have some sunshine

Lovely blue skies again Bruce!

Wish I had your energy OGF – but if you ever see me running you had better run too because something is chasing me!! :grinning:

Neighbours invited me in for coffee and cake yesterday afternoon, reported they took Beastie to vet who said she appeared to have a touch of arthritis, which is the reason her back leg sometimes “gave out” (I know how she feels!). Such a relief to know there is nothing seriously wrong.

My foot seems to be improving and I am able to move around more – as long as I don’t walk too far, although the speed is that of an elderly turtle! :turtle:

Neighbours invited me out for dinner Saturday night but I thanked them and refused. They are going to the local pub which is a short walk away but I didn’t want to take a chance on aggravating my foot, also, as I have said before they won’t let me pay – not even buy a drink and that is starting to make me feel uncomfortable.

The book delivery I was expecting tomorrow has been brought forward to today – just as well as I have almost finished the current one.

Take care – hope everyone has a lovely day (what’s left of it!)


Nice stroll, Foxy! We went to the local market and, as sure fire, it was belting rain as soon it started.


A shame about that field Foxy, another piece of countryside gone forever. I looked up The Drax power station. I didn’t realise that those type towers still existed but I gather it’s been converted to burn wood pellets.

Many moons ago I was travelling up to Teeside visiting my girlfriend, the National Express coach passed right by a set of those towers, an impressive sight in the evening sunlight I have to say. It might even have been the very same power station, I’m not sure :slightly_smiling_face:


[quote=“Chilliboot, post:11, topic:103669”]
A shame about that field Foxy, another piece of countryside gone forever.[/quote]

Actually, quite a lot of land is free these days. My father’s land was cultivated. The same fields gradually resorted eloquent to horses.


Should the death penalty be reintroduced for mass/serial killers?

That’s true Chilli, it sits on enough coal to keep the lights on for over 300 years but apparently it’s better for the environment to ship the wood pellets all the way from Canada. Why on earth they think wood is sustainable is beyond me…Nothing is in fact sustainable, least of all trees. In order to grow a tree food is taken from the soil and will eventually become unable to grow anything. And isn’t coal just trees that have been turned into a compressed material ideal for burning.
I suspect the cooling towers you saw on your bus trip Chilli would have been Ferrybridge, the A1 used to pass right by the side of them. Another coal fired station that was closed and since been demolished.

Drax, Ferrybridge, Eggborough, Thorpe Marsh, were massive coal fired power stations that single handedly would supply practically all the UK’s electricity requirements. They were closed down without providing a substitute. Thorpe March was a 1.1 gW coal fired station and will require almost 3 hundred wind turbines to replace it…And then only if the wind blows.
Quote from Wiki:-
An average onshore wind turbine produces around 2.5 to 3 megawatts (MW), in comparison to the offshore average of 3.6 MW.30 Mar 2022