Good Morning Friday 25th November 2022

Morning all!

I made it through Thanksgiving! My neighbor didn’t play loud music on the holiday. Yay!

I got HBO Max on a Black Friday special and starting watching it. I had the subscription before and dropped it, so my account had bookmarks already. I started back where I left off.

Today is Black Friday. We’ll see if that brings any good deals.

Have a stupendous day everyone!

Good morning.

Dog walk done, spoken to a few people whilst on our travels, including several neighbours. Will shortly attack the washing up from yesterday, and prep veg for another roast.

Hoping to have about an hour on the allotment, digging and moving a tarp to cover another area. Then maybe put some onions in tomorrow.

Good morning all.

Nice and sunny here.

Done our weekly shopping.

Have a nice day all.