Good morning Friday 25th March

Good morning everyone, another beautiful star here after just a slight frost, going to be sunny and warm again by the looks of it so no complaints here…

Just a bit of baking this morning then we’ll be viewing a house that our daughter is thinking of buying but she wanted my opinion on some work that it probably needs doing.

Enjoy your day folks :blush:

Good morning Barry and those to come yet.
Another lovely warm sunny day here.
Nothing planned for the day, might just go and walk down to the sea wall later.
Got housework to do.
Have a nice day all.

It has been wet and cold today - only 22° max.

Visited the Pharmacy to get a prescription and was given 5 more RAT kits, told them I didn’t need them but they told me that was my monthly allowance and they have to supply them. Oh well, when I cross a state border they might come in handy or if I feel crook.

Apart from that I went shopping for some spuds and fruit.

Have a good day.

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Good morning everyone

I will be out in the garden all day again today …its been a glorious few days hasn’t it…but cold winds are forecast next week so better make the best of it while it lasts

Have a good day everyone

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Lady Day, first quarter of the year gone , time to renew rent , well it was in olden days.


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22 and cold ! its warm here and its not in the 20’s yet.

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Just had the council tax bill land, £15 a month more.

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Fair comment, I probably should have said “cool”, below 20° is cold


Good morning all.
I’ve got to wait in this morning for the rat catcher man to return, and also a re-delivery as there was a missing bag of compost on my order that came yesterday.
Then this afternoon a Physio appointment and then get a few bits at the Co-op on the way home.
After that, I can hopefully plant my last 3 new roses I bought. :smiley:

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Good morning everyone!

Its a lovely sunny day here again - I feel so lucky to have had a few sunny days in a row here, its unheard of normally! :joy:

I have bought some jewellery making things from Amazon which will come tomorrow. I feel my creativity creeping back again after being in a block for so long.

But for today I will go for a walk, enjoy the sun and think about buying something nice for dinner.

Have a lovely day everybody! :wave:

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Lovely morning here can hear lawn mowers in action and a nice bit of reggae out there too unusual around here to hear music but very nice I have to say

Gert has had a good race around the garden and enjoying the back door being open so she can do a full circuit of the house and garden; out, round, in, up, round, down, round and out again. Now flopped on the rug at my feet.

Have a good day all

Good morning all :grinning: back to the sunshine today after a chilly, cloudy afternoon yesterday.

Had a lovely time yesterday at our daughter’s house, it was a tonic to see her looking so much better and laughing again.

I hope to be out in the garden later, enjoying the sun before the cold weather arrives.

Enjoy your day folks…. :grinning:

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A belated good morning everyone.
I trimmed Chloe yesterday so I am unable to move easily today but managed to cook some rhubarb for the freezer and chocolate nut slice for the children.
I am going to sit down with some sewing then see if I can manage the ironing.

The Easter holidays have started, two of my grandchildren have gone skiing with their school today , the little twins have gone away with their mother and some other mothers and children so just my son and one grandchild at home. I hope to go up and see them tomorrow and go for a walk in the cider orchards.
We have got of lightly with a mild winter and it is lovely to see the spring blossoms I hope a late frost doesn’t kill them off.

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I filled the bird feeders up yesterday and the little buggers have nearly emptied them again this morning.

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