Good morning Friday 22/4/2022

Good morning all.

Off out at 7.45am to do our weekly shopping, then rest of the day just sitting around.

Have a nice day all.

Good Morning all,

I am off out for the day with a friend. It was her birthday yesterday so I am treating her to lunch. No doubt some shopping will be done as well.

@susie - I hope you have Coco’s permission to sit about in her house all day!

Morning all.

I was so cross with my neighbours yesterday. They had a bbq, which went on like forever, but it wasn’t so much that (and the noise). Because the dog likes to be out the garden I had the back door partially open at times, so the smoke seemed to make its way indoors, and it was awful. AND the smell clung to her fur. I could sniff it when cuddling her later on. And yes, the noise was horrendous. There is still no talk of her wanting to get pregnant and they all move to a bigger house (which is what the man told another neighbour). No. I am stuck with them for the foreseeable.

Might take dog to the park by the Broads. I still have a lot of bird food in the shed so I can feed the ducks and swans. (But will keep Holly tied up at a safe distance…)

Good morning everybody.

After two days pottering in the garden we’re giving it a rest today. I’m covered in ant bites and scratches from rose thorns.

Today I want to go to Aldi for a big shop & maybe a walk round the local pond this afternoon.

Have a good day all…

Good morning all, cooler here this morning with a light drizzle, but hopeful that it will brighten up later. :sunglasses:

Rosemary is just back from the Friday Tesco run and I’m now just about to take the car in to have a broken spring replaced, I just hope I won’t need to take out a mortgage to pay for it! :flushed: No plans for later so will just potter around at home and in the garden.

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

Good morning everyone

Supermarket for me too later…not very exciting but out for a meal with pals later so its not all bad

Have a good day everyone


Good Morning All.

A very quiet day for me, I will be taking things very easy.

Have a good day all.

Home now.
ST, I do have Coco’s permission, but I have just got her off my bed so that I can changed the sheets, but while making the bed with clean sheets, she jumped back on before I could put the sheet on, so got her back off again and in the other room, now first bed is made, and Coco is back on it again, so now to do the other bed and put the sheets in the washing machine.

Janet, I do feel sorry for you with your neighbours.

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Just got up and feeling terrible, i havn’t had a cold for years and now this one has hit me hard. Keep waking up at night with a headache and sneezing . OH well thats life I suppose

Good morning all :grinning: overcast and chilly, no sign of the sun.

Had a day yesterday working on the garden and it’s looking a bit tidier now.

Expecting Sainsburys delivery shortly.

Enjoy your day folks……

Did anyone else catch this news ….*NASA has been ignoring Uranus….well, I am pretty pleased about that, I don’t want any sharp pointy rockets anywhere near mine.
Have a lovely day all.

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Had some lovely rain yesterday. Even had some thunder and hail (tiny), so that was fun to watch and hear. It’s raining again now.

I opened a bunch of my food from the food delivery. Yum!

I also got some toilet paper. So nice. I was using backup toilet paper because I had run out. That was some bad toilet paper. Nice to be back to the good stuff.

Fairly productive day today. Got a few tasks done.

Now to watch more Master Chef.

Have a joyful day everyone.

Good morning everyone :grin: dull and chilly…

Fridays and the Waitrose order do seem to come around quickly. All put away, lunch then lots of ironing and I am thinking of planting some runner beans in pots, I usually start some of early and another lot later in case the frost gets them. .

Susie, I feel sorry for myself, at times, but have to talk myself out of it.

This morning, after changing bed linen, washing and hanging it to dry, I booked a caravan holiday for 4 nights from 2nd May. Holly will be with me. It is still in Lowestoft, south of the town, where I have stayed before. I am hoping for a break from the neighbours, and also I want the novelty of a close by loo!!! It allegedly has a sea view.

Also Holly will be with her carer for 3 nights end of May, so I can book somewhere for myself. A cheap hotel, maybe.

Argh. Been on a web chat with holiday site. They changed the name/style of caravan, and I no longer have a sea view. The adviser said they can ask a manager to listen to the call i said yes please, but wil keep the booking. I will expect a call back with their response and can then give my thoughts verbally.

I said, basically I have been mis sold this holiday.

That’s not on, Jazzi. Ruddy cheek.
You tell 'em gal.

Sounds like a bad case of man flu! Take care.

Bit of good news
Ben my youngest son applied for assistant senior psychologist some time ago and yesterday went for an interview. HE GOT THE JOB. The applications closed earlier. shorter hours and no liability as now with people with mental problems so less stress. also better promotion prospects
only thing is Sue will have to do school runs for a time until his wife returns from Brazil on business

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Great news Realspeed about Ben and his job.

How are you feeling today?

Had a good sleep this afternoon for a couple of hours which seems to have helped a bit. Night time is the worse.