Good Morning Friday 19/8/2022


Good Morning All

A somewhat chilly start to the day.

The nursing staff and doctors had a very busy night later on after a quiet start.

The Ward is well awake now, lights on and equipment being moved all over the place.

Some poorly patients in the end bay and beds being moved in and out.

All good fun.

The highlight of the day will be lunch, chip shop fish and chips will be on offer, including a sachet of vinegar which is impossible to open.

Ward rounds are always started early on Friday as the Consultants like to get away on time to start the weekend.

Have a good day all.

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Morning Swimmy, and all who follow!

A cloudy, cool morning, and the windows are open. There are foxes in the garden and the magpies are going nuts!

No plans yet for the day ahead, I’ll just let it unfold. First though, breakfast!

Have a lovely day everyone :wave:


Good morning all, lovely and sunny here.
Off to do our weekly shopping this morning and that’s it, more sunbathing for me.

It’s about time they let you home Swimmers, I think it’s disgusting that Consultants and Doctors are not there over the weekends, in the past they always used to be.

Have a nice day all.

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Morning Swimmy Pixie Susie and all

Not sure what to do today…I need to source some tiles so I might go out hunting…thing is although I will probably source online I need to actually see them in the flesh before I look for the best deal…I expect a lot of people do that…anyway have a great day everyone

Enjoy your fish and chips Swimmy :fries:

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Morning all.

Blimey Swims, judging by the time of your post the ward seemed to come alive round about 5am!! S*d that.

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It does, they are understaffed so have to start earlier to get the necessary jobs done.

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Good morning all, on this very nice sunny Friday morning.

Washings out, and early jobs all done.

I am not going far today if I can help it, just a quick trip to collect something I ordered from the office supplies shop, then back home to try and catch up on some gardening now it has cooled down.

Enjoy whatever you’re doing. :smiley:

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Morning all. Glad you seem to be on the road to recovery Swimmy.

Cooler here, sun and clouds.

We were going to seek out our estranged son today, since we had a will review a couple of days ago and we need to decide what’s for the best, but we need to be certain of our script so have put it off for a few days.

This afternoon we’re off to a local shoe shop to pick up some donated shoe boxes, which well the drop off at a friend’s so she can cover them in Christmas paper, in readiness for the obvious annual collection.


Best of luck with estranged Son, even if you have to put it into trust for any possible grand kids.

Thanks Swimmy. The review guy took us through a load of scenarios. We need to make a decision, but we feel that we need to look our son in the eyes to help make an informed one.

Yes, I agree Dex, and think I would feel just the same.

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Morning/Afternoon all!

Lawn is watered. A tiny tiny bit cooler for the start of the day. I’m hoping it continues going down (still early here).

Got some sleep yesterday. Nice! :sleeping:

Hoping for a calm day today.

Have a marvelous day everyone.

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