Good Morning Friday 18th August 2023

Morning all!

Feeling better, now trying to catch up on sleep. Wind is blowing again. I hope that’s a good sign.

Had fun playing with my new pens again, and talked to someone on the phone.

Today is recovery day. Feeling a bit more optimistic.

Have a good day everyone.

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Good morning all, its dull, grey, miserable and windy out there.

Not going out today.

Butterscotch, glad you are feeling a lot better today.

Have a nice day all.

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Good morning all

It’s not yet 8…I’ve been out to walk the dog .
Had a shower put a colour on my hair .
Cleaned all surfaces & drawer fronts in the kitchen.
Stripped the bed done the laundry.
Had breakfast fed dogger.
Vacuumed lounge
Errr it’s raining I might pop back to bed, love clean sheets.

Enjoy your day xxx

Good morning everyone

Ripple you put me to shame I’m just considering getting in the shower…not done a thing yet :slight_smile:

Out this evening early doors with pals for a meal…other than that nothing planned…except that shower which I will hop in now.

Have a good day everyone

Ripple, you have a dogger living with you?

You are full of surprises :grinning:

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Morning all.

Will be busy today, lots of phone calls, and I have a GP appt at 1.30 about my foot.

Spending all day writing and editing… after this brief procrastination, that is!

Good morning all ,
Im Happy for my Grandson who got A level pass yesterday , and now been accepted at his chosen University to start next year ,Very proud of his achievement because he is Autistic ,his Primary schooling was Challenging but he went on to better things in Secondary …
Raining here , but thats not stopped me getting the Saw out and sawing a limb from a
Eucalypus Tree . I might take it down completley , I just keep having to prune it .
Have a good day everyone



Police have been following a disturbance outside next door.

They were not very local, never seen them before.

They thought next door had snitched on them.

It is never boring here.

Congratulations to your grandson and to one very proud grandmother.

Thank you @Ripple yes A proud Gran indeed .Hes the middle of 3 Grandsons . his elder brother passed his A level a couple of years back but Chose to do an Apprentiship in Aero Space industry instead of going to Uni.
One more Grandson whose just gone into Secondery Ed last year so hes got a way to go …

Eliza, well done to your GS.

Thank you @Jazzi , :smiley: