Good Morning Friday 17th November 2023

Morning all!

I feel like gremlins stole my time or something. I don’t know where it went.

I set up my tablet last night. Took a couple hours but it went ok.

Then got over 9 hours of sleep. :sleeping: That felt nice.

Chatted with someone for a while then ate a bit. Then when I wasn’t looking someone stole hours from me. When I looked up, the day had flown by.

My plan for today is to see if I can find out more info on the insurance problem. Hopefully the time gremlin won’t be back.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning all.

Been trying Nytol for better sleep but I still wake up every couple of hours. Hmmm.

Been sitting on the sofa, reading a library book, which won’t get anything done! I need to get some cash out, and do petrol and air top up in tyres.

Morning all. Beautiful sunshine but rather cold. I feel a better today since the enema in the hospital treatment yesterday. Not fun.

Good Morning from Foxy’s World… :worried:
Life has been getting away from me a little bit just lately…
Beautiful sunshine streaming through the window but unable to take advantage due to another attack of gout in my knee. I’ve just had a couple of really painful nights and had to resort to some serious painkillers…Feeling a little better this morning but marathons are out…

Good morning all
The Sun is Shining , but theres a nip in the air .
My Acers are puting on colour before they drop their leaves .

Have a nice day


Lovely colours, Eliza.