Good morning Friday 16/09/2022

Good morning all, not very nice outside, it rained all night.

Off out early to do our weekly shopping and that’s it for the day.

|Have a nice day all.


A dry cool day forecast.

I have someone doing my shopping for me today, just pottering around inside and taking things easy.

Warm sunny day, took my visitors to the Nan Tien Temple for a quick pray then the Mt Keira Lookout (having to avoid various cyclists practicing for the UCL World Championships next week) finally the Botanical Gardens. Plenty of free entertainment!

Have a good one.

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Warm and sunny …a Indian summer on the way?
Been sitting out enjoying the sunshine :sun_with_face:
Now waiting for groceries to arrive.

It was a bit cold this morning - 11C. We had a trip to the grocery store with Max in tow. It’s a good hour and back there. Then my wife and her friend went get the water butt. I measured out the plumbing for drainpipe. Should get it in a day or so.


Good for you Rip.

It is much cooler here, down to 5C tonight, but very nice in the sun out of the wind.

Slowly but surely getting the tender plants inside ready for winter.

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