Good Morning Friday, 15th March 2024

Hello - where have you been?

The forum seems to have been down for hours - Beware the Ides of March!

It has been a day sorting out some bedding, getting it washed while there were no showers. I also played with my 3D printer making some test pieces to hold a magnet while trying out new code in Openscad.

Spent some time sorting out the garage. Not an exciting day to be honest.

Hope you have a better, or at least more interesting, day.

Morning all - you can blame me for the site going down Bruce!

Today is my birthday and I think the technology gods don’t want my computer to be overwhelmed by all the congratulatory emails! No doubt the post office will have to put on a special delivery for all the cards, I will have to clear the spare bedroom for all the gifts and the local flower shops will sell out of flowers! (All that will take place just after a pig flies past my window). My family in Australia have sent lovely birthday messages, with one notable exception - my brother!!

Will be having lunch with my sister in law later - will wait and see what the rest of the day brings

Take care - hope everyone has a great day

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Good morning and yes locked out first thing
We are away for the week, keep posting though

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I will. We “Good Morning” people are becoming a very exclusive clique … :wink:

Well, apart from the fact that anybody can join in with their daily news.

Happy Birthday @SheilaP Hope you received lots of pressies.