Good Morning Friday 15/07/2022

SAM_1369 (640x480)

My Cat Coco, as a Baby.

Good morning all, lovely and sunny here.
Off to Morrison’s and Iceland this morning, then home again for thee rest of the day.
Have a nice day all.


Morning all.

Looks to be a nice day again.

Best see to my own pet, get her walked. She and I will be meeting a potential new borrower at lunchtime in my local cafe.

Cold sunny day 17°C, got all my laundry on the line by 9.30 because it takes longer to dry in winter.

Went to the Post Office to pick up a package I was expecting which turned out to be a new nozzle for my printer

My DiL and grandkids arrived from Canberra mid arvo, I am dogsitting their dog while they spent the weekend in Sydney with my son, he arrived a couple of hours later. He is leaving his car here and driving the family car to his flat in the middle of Sydney.

They have left so it is just me and the dog.

Enjoy your day.

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Morning all, it’s been a morning of chores up to yet, just have the bread to bake now that it’s had it’s second proving and the day is my own to waste as I see fit, but no plans as yet.

Cooler again here and overcast but still no sign of rain in the forecast which is a little worrying, but nothing we can do about it except hope…

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

St Swithins day, no 40 days and nights of rain to come then, enjoy .

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: I am waiting for Waitrose to deliver then will mow the lawns and plant some lettuce seeds.
Never a dull moment here :laughing:

Morning all , it’s my sons birthday he’s a Saint Swithins baby.

Here’s my boy all 6ft.3 of him …in the pic he’s just told me off for taking the photo :joy: am I bovered

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Morning all
I’m at work just now finishing in a hour.

Going to Dads, then to do his shopping before I go home after work.

This afternoon and evening, I’m going to be very busy preparing for the craft fair I’m doing tomorrow. I have some fridge magnets to do as I’m last minute with them and they are my best sellers, cheeky ones too, lots of people like a bit of cheeky.

I’ve made some really nice cards so hopefully people like my work. I really enjoy the craft fair meeting different people, chatting and having a bit of a laugh. My golden girls are coming to support me too so it’s bound to be a laugh.

Just realised, I’m talking about tomorrow and it’s Good Morning Friday, sorry lol

Have a good day all.

Lotsaluv me x

Morning all.

Dogs been out, postman’s been, my delivery came, and the bin men have been. That’s about as exciting as it gets today. :smiley:
Another day full of sunshine, but really nice here at the mo, because there is a gentle cool breeze blowing.

It was on the news this morning about the big increase in burgularies because so many of us are leaving our windows open, even at night as well. So be careful folks.

Morning all!

Watering done. It’s a tiny bit cooler out, so that’s nice.

Not much planned for today. This weekend is a 24 hour online masterclass I’m excited about.

Have a fantastic day everyone.

What subject are you studying, Buitterscotch, is it Music?

No, it’s teachings on healing.

That’s interesting. Do you mind me asking what sort of healing?
Are you talking about Hands On, or Crystals, or Reiki . . . etc?
Do you still get a Certificate to practice if you wish, with an online course?

I,q lo

Ey? You alright, Mags? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m fine now thanks Mups, I think my iPad had a bit of sunstroke earlier and was playing tricks with me. A quick phone call to my computer expert son put it all right for me. :smile:

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Oh that’s good, Mags. I nearly rushed round with some paracetamol and a cold compress. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That was very thoughtful of you Mups, especially in this hot weather! :sunny:

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not been for a walk yet but starting to get a heat rash and wanting to scratch. Just another baking hot day today

I’ve had a lovely day with my little grandson Stanley… we went out for lunch then to the park… he was a little darling :slight_smile: