Good Morning Friday 14th June 2024

Good Morning to you all on this sunny Friday.

…and Happy Birthday to Che Guevara, Boy George and Donald Trump (it was on the radio this morning).

I don’t have much planned for today just a few jobs about the garden where it is warmer than in the house at the moment. Might do some shopping later.

Looking forward to the weekend all you workers? Take care and have a great Friday.

What are your plans?


Morning all – another sunny start to the day but now clouded over, cold, windy and rain forecast

Hope you managed to get the gardening done OK Bruce – as I have said before, the only thing I like about a garden is to sit in it with a good book and possibly a glass of wine!

Beast did leave her gift in the litter tray this morning – lulling me into a false sense of security I think. She did go into the garden but as I will be out today I may let her back into the house in case it rains!

Off to the hairdresser this morning and then to a coffee get together at the church this afternoon – in between I will have to do some grocery shopping.

Take care – hope everyone has a great day


latest news

Danne Abbot visited a school yesterday trying to boost her election vote. While there she looked out of a school window and saw some kids running about in the school field. So she went out to watch and there was one little boy standing all alone. So she asked " don’t you want to play with the others" he said " I am not allowed to". So she put her arm around him saying how sorry she was that he was not allowed to play with the others "Why not " she asked He replied " because I am the F"kng goal keeper*


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :man_walking:
Although it was only 15 degrees C on the thermometer it felt a good deal warmer than it has of late. So a brisk walk along the towpath and down the side of the canal. A couple of dog walkers and a lady runner who was walking when I spotted her… :009:
I’m keeping away from the lane after the heavy rain we keep having, but Mrs Fox has just returned from a walk down the lane with her friend and reckons it’s not too bad. :man_rowing_boat:
Off to pick up my prescription now in the car… :open_mouth:
But I’ll go and visit my daughter afterwards who had a bad time at the dentist yesterday…Dad will take her out for some breakfast. Egg and bacon for me, soup for her… :nerd_face:


Good morning - The weather is quite cloudy with an occasional burst of Sun. Some rain. Breezy and a little warmer. The temperature is 17ºC

Just got back from the hospital after having my external plumbing removed. Probably won’t do too much else today.


Morning everyone. :wave: I fully intended to do something fun today, like jump on a train and see where I end up. Explore somewhere different for a change. But its too cold and wet so instead I will go into town, and have a browse around the new stationery shop.


" Happy Friday !
Here’s to all of us
who have made it
through another
week of faking

Nanea Hoffman

A lovely friday to all :wink:


“Another day, another morning, another blessing and another chance to live the life fully. Do not take anything for granted and think of every breath as a gift. Good morning!”
~ Invajy


Good afternoon all!
No work today so it’s just a case of pottering around at home, a bit of indoor gardening and making apple crumble. We just might go for a walk around the mill pond a bit later just to blow away the cobwebs before scoffing some scones :+1:

Enjoy the rest of your day people :tornado::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::zap:


Good morning! I am happy to see everyone is out enjoying the day -walking, shopping, lunching (hope your daughter is recovering well, @OGF), enjoying a little medical freedom, or just coasting through the day!

It was off to the trails this morning with all the kids at the beach (yay, a morning off!). I love our trails canopied with ancient marine oaks and curtained with Spanish moss; the little microclimate they create is a cool escape from the humidity and sun. There were plenty of cyclists this morning, but I notice that almost all of them are electric, which makes me sad - and also a bit more concerned that one may plow into me since most are tourists and have never navigated these motorized vehicles. Aaaah, I miss the days of emptiness when I could mentally check out…but is was still beautiful and every outing is a good one. Off to the art gallery to replace a painting just sold (another “Yay!” for money to put in the travel jar.

Hope you stay warm, cool, dry…a Goldilocks day of just right :slightly_smiling_face:.


I run a Darwinian garden - if it survives it can stay. My gardening mostly consists of mowing the lawn (but of course not in winter) and spraying the edges with the cheap Chinese version of Roundup (my favourite garden accessory)

Today’s gardening consisted of kicking the sods of soil back in the trench created by having to dig my bogged car out of the lawn and putting the bricks back on their pile.

Every visit to the dentist is a bad time as far as I am concerned but hopefully she enjoyed being fed.

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My late husband had the same thoughts - he would put in a plant and say it had two choices, live or die!

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