Good Morning Friday 13th October 2023

Morning all!

More excitement than I wanted yesterday. Just as I was wrapping up the stressful project, the doorbell rang. I figured it was someone selling something. I didn’t answer the door. I went to wash my hands, and the water pressure was gone. I looked out the door and saw a truck and heard someone doing something near the water pipes.

I called my water company who took hours to confirm that they were doing something to my pipes that they didn’t notify me about. Supposedly, it’s over.

I was supposed to be taking a relaxing self care day yesterday. Yesterday was anything but relaxing. I’ve decided to try for Friday to be a relaxing self care day. Wish me luck.

Have a good day everyone.


Good Morning All.

Heavy rain again, standing water outside, it will be days before I can get into the garden.
A lazy day , probably reading after the District Nurse has been.

Have a good day all.

Morning all, its, wet, wet, wet here.

Have a nice relaxing day Butter.

Have a good read Swimmers.

Popping into Town later.

Have a nice day all.

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Morning all.

Just topped up my boiler pressure and will try again to see if bedroom radiator comes on.

If it’s wet, I will rethink my plans.

Good morning all
Finally some decent proper wet rain …
Me and dog both in waterproofs enjoyed our walk .
Pop into town later .
How’s this for a ploughman’s …not bad I’m sure it was meant for 2 …lunched out with my son yesterday … my pasta lunch was on a smaller scale.


good morning all
Rained most of the night , dogs routine changed and so i was up 3 times in the night to let her out .
@Ripple hope you took home what you couldnt eat.
Have a nice relaxing day all .

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Thought my dog would have me up in the night but bless her, she waited till a reasonable time. I only took her outside late, for a wee, as she’d done business earlier, and took a chance.

@Ripple that’s a marvellous lunch! I’m thinking it must be a sharing platter… Though I don’t doubt that many could polish it off :joy::joy:

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I’m sure you’re right :wink: but there was just the two of us and l was having pasta .