Good Morning Friday 12th May 2023

Morning all!

Not feeling the best yesterday. I’m already wondering if I’ll have to call the police this weekend.

Plan for today is to relax and look after myself.

Have a good day everyone.

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Morning butter.

Would that course of action be for your neighbours? Seems yours are as bad as mine. I dread the hot summer days as they will be out in the garden, usually, with music blaring. Nobody else gets a chance to enjoy the sun.

Hoping to grab some free compost this morning, but lying in bed last night a thought struck me. Opposite where the council is putting it is a large allotment site. What if everyone there was first to get to it? I do plan on getting there earlier than the time stated, but can’t decide whether to take the car, with my new strong bags in the boot, or take the new garden trolley. Because I could get there and find it all gone, or lots of people digging in.

If the weather stays nice I’d like to get my seedlings in before I go away next week (again).

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Good morning!

Dull but dry
Not feeling too lively this morning
I’ll potter about with a bit of tidying then see how I feel about going to the U3A photography group this afternoon

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Good morning all :wave:

My tiny garden is a sun trap , yesterday I put the cushions the lounger and got some sunbathing done :sunglasses: a lovely day.

Today meeting my sister for shopping and lunch together.
It’s looking like sunbathing weather this weekend .
Enjoy your day xxx


Morning all, its pouring of rain, windy and miserable, the Sea is rough with huge waves coming over the sea wall. I won’t be going out in this today.

Yet yesturday, I got sunburnt just sitting in my garden.

Have a nice day all.

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Good Morning all,

I hope it doesn’t come to that Buttercup, noisy neighbours are the pits, take care x

The rest of you enjoy the sun, but remember sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen !:sunglasses::fried_egg::rofl:

Our council is giving away compost too Jazzi but my husband flat out refuses to let me put it in his car……,

Have good one everybody


Yes. I had to call the police last weekend, which is why I’m thinking about it now. :confused:

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Good morning all, with a cup of tasty instant coffee lol​:coffee::coffee::coffee:

You know the feeling you get of a seesaw? So today, I’m faced with: “Should I stay and if I do, no deliveries come?..” OR

“Should I go out to get groceries and risk missing deliveries?..”

Decisions, decisions and after an hour, I’m none the wiser… Later y’all!

More coffee’s required lol!

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Afternoon all

Off work today and plans have gone awry with phone calls (friends) keeping in touch knowing its my day off but hey nice they call. Off to the farm shop then back home not much else planned

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BT don’t know their left hand from their right. Just had a statement about the final bill to be paid by the 15th this month, Sue had a statement saying it was all paid up. So rang BT and got automatic electronic reply saying account now closed and all paid up. So why on earth did they send me the statement about having to pay and how much?
thank goodness we have left BT. the direct debit just needs to be closed now at the bank

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