Good morning/afternoon Friday 16th December 2022

Morning/afternoon all!

Late start to the thread. I’m taking a break right now. It’s been a stressful week with a lot of little things piling up but got a task done last night so I’m taking a break.

Talked to my favorite person on the phone yesterday.

I have a list of stuff on my to do list. I’ll see how it goes today.

Have an amazing day everyone.

Good morning all! It’s bladdy freezing!

Good morning!

It’s still very cold with snow & ice, but it’s clear & sunny so it should warm up a bit by this afternoon
Nothing much planned for today, just pottering about and making another batch of stew, to be frozen in individual servings

Some excitement this morning though - a car skidded on the ice during the night and crashed into a couple of the neighbour’s cars, damaging them

Good evening.

Cold right now but looking forward to Sunday/Monday. Going to be almost balmy. Oh ok, a lot better than right now.

yes 5pm down under and gotta feed the dog and cat and walk em both! and yippee no snow just warmish air and a lovely breeze