Gone but not forgotten? Two memories from the past

So what I’m after is two things you remember from your past, any era, one good, one bad, that don’t exist today, or happen today, or you don’t do today.

As profound or as silly as you like.

My good one is those big long rocking horse things you used to get in the parks. About eight kids could get on them at once and get it rocking. I was a bit of a tomboy and I used to love it when the big boys used to get on and try to make it go high and give us the bumps. I was a wiry little thing and could always hang on!

My bad one is the pea-supper fogs in London. I was very young but I can remember the sulphur smell and stingy eyes and dad going to work carrying a torch and his scarf wrapped around his face.

A happy memory from my past?

Entertaining in old folks homes as a family, the youngest being me aged 5 or 6 and the oldest my grandma aged probably around 60. We were a very musical family of singers, my dad piano playing, guitar playing through to my grandma being a fantastic to tapping harmonica player. I sang One Little Robin in a Cherry Tree and I even did all the actions awwwww, It’s one of my earliest memories. Oh yes, those were the days my friend.

Bad memory?

I have two, 1 being gassed by the dentist and 2 my friend and I aged 8 pushing our doll and prams on the estate and two men attempting to kidnap us by reaching out to grab my friend Karen who was the nearest to them, never ran as fast in my life dumping my dolls pram, karen was fixed to the spot in fear but thankfully the driver drove off probably me running off scared them. Things could have been so different and doesn’t bear thinking about. Mum, Dad and my sister went out looking for them but didn’t have a cat in hells chance really as I we could say was the car was white!

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Yes gas at the dentist was never anything to look foreward to.I was very sick after one visit.
Best memory was passing the 11+.No one thought I would do it AND I got a bike.


That must have been very scary for you.That sort of thing went on then,too.

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For years I used to have a recurring nightmare about a fight, and someone’s head being banged against a car. I had this dream for years and years. One day I mentioned it to my Mother and she said it wasn’t a dream it was a memory. We had been to Margate with her parents, I was about 3, and we were out for a walk an early evening walk and cam upon a group of young men attacking another young man. Apparently my Grandad scooped me up and hurried us all away. I never had that dream again after Mum told me it was real. I must have locked it away inside me cos it frightened me so much, but it came out in my dreams.

Happy memories, ohh so many, I was lucky to be raised in a warm loving family. I have very happy memories of just walking down the street holding my Dad’s hand and being happy and proud to be his daughter.

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Happy memory - walking my dogs in the dark before school. it was the middle of winter, in the middle of nowhere, and the snow crunched and sparkled all around me. I felt like the only person in the world.

Bad memory - An older girl next door took me to the park when I was really young - about 5 or 6, and pretended she was going to set me on fire for being bad. I was terrified!


I learned my letters on a slate !
I also remember always being cold waiting at bus stops for buses clothes are warmer these days .

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For me it would be fishing trips with my Dad and Saturday/Sunday afternoons watching Footie on the Telly! His team was Liverpool FC and so is mine :grinning:

We are four sisters so these were the times that I got to spend alone with my Dad. I had him all to myself! He was an awesome man! :slightly_smiling_face:

The second memory - long gone but not forgotten would be the Top 40 hits on the radio on a Saturday morning/ Sunday afternoon.

What fun, dancing in my parents lounge and recording mixtapes! Standing at the ready waiting to press ‘Pause’ button before the DJ spoke during the last few seconds of the song. Then rewinding back during adverts to get the pause just right :rofl: bad memory if the pause wasn’t just right any my chores were outstanding! A scolding ensued!

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What was the team then? :slight_smile:

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Liverpool :017:

What era ? Who were your dad’s favourite players?

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Oh, Caught me napping there.
Kenny Dalglish, John Barnes, Ian Rush… up to 2016…

Some great players there.
They’ve been my second team since the 60’s Hunt,Thompson and St.John,etc…:slight_smile:

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Imagine that!

We finally see eye to eye on more than just Baps :047:

My Dad was always a supporter, I joined in the fun during the 80s. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, crap decade for music but thankfully, not footie :069:

You’ll never walk alone

You don’t really mean that
But thanks anyway.

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Off topic but…

Reminded me of this



Nope, but you do :slightly_smiling_face:

I may have mentioned it once perhaps.

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Well gone but never forgotten…
I was around Sharon’s house as often I would be as a young teenager, would normally be off to a Youth Club near hers…
This evening she said come and see Auntie (she lived with them)
she’s in the front room…There she was laying in an open Coffin…
I had no idea even that she had died…
Second to follow sometime…