Ghosts, where are they

They are nowhere to be seen, are they riding pillion? :biking_man:

Their exhausts were still on fire and their engines made of steel
Their tanks were black and shiny and their hot breath you could feel
A bolt of fear went through him as they thundered through the sky
For he saw the riders coming hard and he heard their mournful cry…

Ghost Riders in the Sky ~ Johnny Cash


I have never seen a ghost but have felt a very strong presence.

Mine are quiet, and have no intention of calling them out, they can sit on the shoulder, and enjoy the ride, for now. :biking_man:

Surely there already out if their sat on your shoulder?..:joy::rofl::grin:

I here you calling…lalalala.

Not sure, just guessing like a life long guess game. :biking_man:

On yer bike, spitty!!..:joy::sweat_smile::grin::open_mouth:

The time is right. :grinning: :biking_man:

We may all be wiser tomorrow, doubt it though. :thinking: :man_pilot:

Have those ghosts of yours ever answered you back?

Also do they understand your lingo?..:joy::sweat_smile::open_mouth:

Never claimed ownership of any Lingo. Logistics is better than Lingostics. :walking_man: :biking_man:

Bingo Lingo, eyes down

Max, what are you doing? hiding in the Bingo Wings.


I have done literally dozens of exhumations.

I have also done mass graves

There has been from time to time inexplicable things which have happened.

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