I live with my lovely wife in a small village on the northern edge of the Black Forest Germany. I already know members here on the forum. Hello to Morticia and JBR. I have a long list of hobbies and intrests including canoeing, sailing, boat building, glass work (tiffany style) gardening and cooking. Looking forward to joinng in and meeting people.

Welcome Kev. Nice to meet you. :smiley:

Hiya Kev, and welcome.

Hello Kev :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Thankyou for the welcomes. I’ve just been having a browse through. On joining I hadn’t realised how large this forum is. There’s lots to read.:smiley:

There should be enough to keep you out of mischief :smiley:

I hope you enjoy it here… :smiley:

Hello Kevin :slight_smile: welcome…

Hi Kevin - and welcome - I am glad you decided to look in !

Welcome Kevin, or should I say Guten tag?:mrgreen:

If you already know Morticia and JBR… maybe we should keep our eye on you :mrgreen:… only joking!

Hi Kev. Welcome to the forum.

Guten Tag and hello,
I couldn’t imagine Morticia and JBR not behaving themselves. Did I really write that?:smiley:

Well now you have we will have to refer you to our dementia clinic… for those who forget things :044::044::044:

Hello and welcome from me too :slight_smile:

Ahhhh! Caught, diagnosed amd committed on my first day.:lol:

I can see it is going to be fun chatting with you! :mrgreen:

Good afternoon Kevin matey and welcome

:blush: Oops … I’ve only just realised who you are.

Welcome to the madhouse and I’m glad you arrived :hug: … and forgive me for not spotting this earlier because either 1) I’m not on as much of late and so missed you … 2) I’m going senile and me shrivelled brain cells are falling out quicker than me teeth.

Obviously, option 1 is the most plausible. :-p

Guten Tag Kev,

Welcome to the forum, we are a friendly bunch on here.

Hello Susie and thankyou for the welcome. Jaeger. Do you have German ancestry?

Hello Morticia:hug:I’ve been wondering how to contact you. My lack of posts or something like that was stopping me PM’ing you. Now we can get the party started. We might have to get Silver Tabby to mix the cocktails and we’ve got to get an invite out to JBR and Barry.