Gatsby the dog on youtube (warning: sad story)

I’ve been watching a youtuber (Ryen) for years, even before he got his dog. When he got his dog, a corgi, you could see his life change. His new life revolved around the corgi he named Gatsby. The youtube channel became about Gatsby and the adventures he had with Gatsby. It’s been 8 years since he brought the corgi puppy home.

Over the past couple months, Gatsby has been doing badly. Ryen took him to the vet and found out Gatsby has cancer in his nose. Due to all the support of his viewing fanbase, they were able to get Gatsby treated within a couple weeks or he would have likely died. 5 days after treatment, Gatsby looks so much better, but Ryen is still doing poorly since the prognosis for Gatsby is that the median survival rate of a dog with cancer is a year.

Hopefully Ryen gets better and Gatsby outlives the statistics.

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