G20 pledge climate action but make few commitments

World leaders wave to the cameras in front of the Trevi fountain

The leaders of the world’s richest economies have agreed to pursue efforts to limit global warming with “meaningful and effective actions”.

But the agreement from the G20 summit in Rome made few concrete commitments, disappointing activists.

Host nation Italy had hoped that firm targets would be set before the COP26 summit in Glasgow, which has now begun.

The G20 group, made up of 19 countries and the European Union, accounts for 80% of the world’s emissions.

The communiqué, or official statement released by the leaders, also makes no reference to achieving net zero by 2050.

Net zero means reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, until a country is absorbing the same amount of emissions from the atmosphere that it is putting out.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi did however say in his closing statement that all of the G20 countries are committed to reaching the target by the mid-century. Scientists say this must be achieved by 2050 to avoid a climate catastrophe, and most countries have agreed to this.

However China - the world’s biggest polluter - and Russia have pushed that target out to 2060.

Neither China’s President Xi Jinping, nor Russia’s Vladimir Putin were in Rome for the conference, instead joining via video link. Their absence raised concerns that a deal would not be easy to reach.

Mr Putin said his plan was to “not just to reach carbon neutrality, but to make sure that within the next three decades, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in Russia is lower than, for instance, that of our neighbours and colleagues in the EU.”

The communiqué does pledge to stop financing new, unabated coal plants internationally by the end of this year - a strong message to coal-reliant nations such as China, Russia and India. But the G20 leaders stopped short of agreeing to end coal power in their own nations.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it”

None of the G20 have any intention of changing their ways and harming their vested interests … :man_shrugging:

I expect more of the same indifference at COP26 … :069:

This is just my opinium but I think that no matter how many conferences, How many saying and thumping the lecturn “We will do this, that and everything else” Nothing will change. Countries like Russia, China etc; will continue using fossil fuels and ignore the consequences. This conference that is going on is, IMO just a waste of time.
As much as we dislike these protestors causing mayhem and disrupting others from going about their lawful business they are attracting more attention by their actions than a dozen COPs are doing. There is an old saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’ and it,s about time those at the top stopped all this hot air with their fancy speeches and did something positive.


Well said … :+1:

That’s spot on Fred …well said :ok_hand::+1:

To add to my post. Boris says “The clock is ticking we are at a minute to midnight, We must act before it is too late”
If this is the case then why was action not taken at nine PM or even earlier?

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ain’t that the truth!! :+1:

Well, there’s more to climate action pledges than climate.

Others have said it here before … it’s a big money spinner.