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should this remind us of something else? The country [China] is perfecting a vast network of digital espionage as a means of social control—with implications for democracies worldwide.emphasised text chinese surveillance

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So our so called friendly google is dobbing us in now? interesting

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On the other hand this so cruel, JBR must be in a state of apoplexy by now. :wink:

wot he’s got a pool in France??

Swimming Pools in France…It is not tax charged if it is above ground like our dip pool…
If it is buried partly in the ground…like most people decide on…then no tax…

But if dare to have a pool with entry at ground level, they want to tax you via your Property Yearly Taxes…
It was Napoleian that brought in the Tax Codes…

By Ellie Fullalove

Runners in Paris have been caught on camera breaking the speed limit for driving in the city, which was lowered from 50km/h at the end of August.

A promotional campaign for a specialist running shop in the Marais shows athletes captured on camera exceeding 30km/h while running at night.

Of course, not everyone is capable of running 30km/h, which is why the shop DISTANCE enlisted the help of professional athletes such as Léna Kandissounon (800m) and Quentin Malriq (1,500m).
In Paris, Ms Kandissounon was captured on camera at 36km/h, while Mr Malriq clocked up 38km/h in images circulated on social media.

To put that in context, Encyclopaedia Britannica says the top speed of the world’s fastest human, Usain Bolt, is 43.99km/h.

Over the weekend, DISTANCE also encouraged keen runners to come down to the concept store on Rue des Filles du Calvaire to test out their makeshift speed trap.
August 30 saw the speed limit lowered to 30km/h for most of Paris in a bid to improve road safety and reduce noise.

One week in and some road users are yet to be convinced of its benefits; “Pedestrians will be going faster than cars!” one motorist complained to Le Figaro.

Among the knock-on effects, taxi drivers are worried about losing customers due to trips taking longer and couriers are concerned about their ability to make urgent deliveries.

It could also be necessary to move driving lessons away from the city centre in order to teach skills like overtaking.

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New 30kph speed limit set to push up price of taxis in Paris

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How does this compare to the rest of the world?

France is 13th in the world in terms of the percentage of the population to have been vaccinated with at least one dose, and 11th for full vaccinations.

In front of it is:

  • UAE (87.8% partially vaccinated, 76.72% fully)
  • Portugal (86.09%, 77.25%)
  • Qatar (79.94%, 74.43%)
  • Spain (78.77%, 73.31%)
  • Singapore (78.34%, 76.45%)
  • Uruguay (77.09%, 72.61%)
  • Denmark (76.05%, 73.16%)
  • Chile (75.13%, 71.51%)
  • Ireland (74.53%, 69.11%)
  • China (74.26%, 61.59%)
  • Canada (73.87%, 67.54%)
  • Finland (72.04%, 53.47%)

Pic: Le Monde

France is also ahead of many major international nations including:

  • US (61.52% partially vaccinated, 52.32% fully)
  • Brazil (64.84%, 31.18%)
  • Japan (59.55%, 48.09%)
  • New Zealand (53.73%, 27.71%)
  • Australia (50.87%, 30.51%)
  • Mexico (45.34%, 27.49%)
  • India (37.88%, 11.53%).

Pic: Le Monde

In Europe, it compares well too, and is among the countries with the highest proportion of vaccinations.

It is notably well ahead of countries including:

  • Germany (65.29% partially vaccinated, 60.87% fully)
  • Switzerland (57.93%, 51.5%)
  • Austria (61.31%, 58.04%)
  • Czech Republic (55.75%, 54.02%)
  • Poland (51.31%, 50.11%)
  • Hungary (60.42%, 0%)
  • Slovakia (43.82%, 40.08%)
  • Slovenia (48.33%, 44.17%)
  • Croatia (42.66%, 39.95%)
  • Sweden (68.25%, 57.89%).

Pic: Le Monde

Countries with similar rates or over to France (again, 72.70% partially vaccinated, and 66.92% completely vaccinated), include:

Ahead of France in Europe:

  • Portugal (86.09%, 77.25%)
  • Spain (78.77%, 73.31%)
  • Finland (73.04%, 53.47%)
  • Ireland (74.53%, 69.11%)

Very close behind France in Europe:

  • Belgium (72.69%, 70.44%)
  • Italy (71.7%, 62.31%)
  • Norway (71.57%, 60.26%)
  • UK (70.77%, 63.71%)

The data, from Santé publique France, is subject to change, it said, and is continually changing as vaccination campaigns continue.

The latest data from the various European countries comes from different sources and different dates - for example, France’s figures are from Santé publique France on September 2, while the UK’s are from Public Health England, from September 5th

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@DianneWoollie , l find it interesting that UK does not show up
on the charts at all untill the "close behind France " chart Dianne?
Has France written UK off ?? :grin::grin:
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

How would I know…just read the Connection via email… in parts and that is all. I do not watch any French news normally Donkeybonce… :innocent:
hang on though…where is the UK you mentioned?

The NSW government has boasted that despite our late start (because the Federal Government stuffed up) our vaccination rate has overtaken many (unspecified) European countries. From those figures they might actually be right.

Currently we have over 90% first dose and 75% fully vaccinated. The Chief Health Officer (NSW) predicted 95% fully vaccinated by November

Isn’t that just normal? Most countries allow visitors who arrive without a visa a 30 or 90 day stay in their country. Sometimes there are anomalies ie Thailand - arrive by air - 30 day visa, arrive by land -14 day visa.

If anything 90 days is pretty generous.

Australia is one of a few countries that insist that every arrival has a pre arranged visa, China, Vietnam, North Korea come to mind as having the same requirement.

Look Bruce I am just posting news that we get…
not looking for critics right now…what is the point in your post?