France to Clamp Down

I see dear old Macron is in bother again. Not for getting tough on the people who have not had the vaccine BUT because of what he said???
Covid: President Macron warns he will ‘hassle’ France’s unvaccinated - BBC News

macron’s priority should be stopping migrants getting on boats and crossing the Channel. We gave him £50 million to sort this and he has not done a thing. We are now up to 28,500 people arriving on our shores on boats from France in the last year and there will be hundreds more arriving daily. Absolute disgrace and I am also furious with Priti Patel for not keeping her promises to sort this out.


I totally agree with you. :+1:

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I do not agree at all.

It is not the job of France to police our Borders, it is entirely our job.

We are failing to do so, so much for taking back control.

Before Brexit we could have sent every single one of them back to France, we chose not to, entirely our choice.

Since Brexit we cannot send them back.

Patel is a Joke, she is useless.

Boris, when he was Mayor of London, wanted to give every illegal an amnesty.

Promises, promises, nothing done at all.

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I can’t believe Macron used the slang wee-wee word. Not very statesman-like.