Four words of wisdom

My husband, who was a joiner, is currently making a cabin bed with desk for our wee granddaughter. In order to involve her, he asked her to draw up plans for how she saw it looking. Out in the garage he let her help measuring the slats for the bed and I heard him advise her - “Measure twice, cut once”.

My advice would be “Let sleeping dogs lie”.

What four words of advice would you like to pass on?

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My contribution:

Look forwards, not back.


Wise words, Margaret, but not always easy to do.

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Knowledge speaks wisdom listens.


How very true, Muddy.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Waste not, want not

I believe that “Think before you speak” would be appropriate today!

What about …

Mind your own business!

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Keep an open mind

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Respect yourself, respect others.


Never commit yourself,committee yourself.