Foundation or tinted moisturiser

Which do you find best for ladies of our age? I am torn between the two. I find tinted moisturiser easier but a light foundation seems to give a better coveragfe.

Tinted moisturiser always. I like BB Garnier skinactive in the anti-ageing version medium colour. I used to use Nivea but they stopped making the one I liked. But I have never been able to wear foundation. It always felt like putting a layer of oil paint on and I’m sure it clogs the pores.

I use moisturizers on my washed face morning and night. But for the lightest, yet best, blending of my skin tone, I use Lancome Regergie Lift foundation. Not heavy at all, not cake like, just soft. I have used it for years, never any break outs, blends easily, doesn’t leave marks on clothing (if you are giving a hug) and is easy to remove with soap and water. It’s a bit pricy, but well worth it.

I only usually use ordinary moisturiser, but have a tinted moisturiser for when the fancy takes me. I like Nivea as it has an SPF factor and it’s also cheap. Fortunately my skin is still good so I can get away with it (I think).

I just pop moisturiser on these days … the last time I wore any foundation or kind of cosmetics was back in 2013 at my brother’s wedding and I felt like mutton dressed as lamb then (age 51).
I do think makeup on older women is a case of ‘less is more’ and is best kept to an absolute minimum.

It’s just ordinary Nivea moisturiser for me, never foundation.


female makup is purely to attract men, don’t believe it is for anything else

Aha you don’t understand at all! Women are the harshest judges of other women! If a woman has not made an effort it’s females who will pick it up with the special radar we have. We will also pick up if a woman has made too much effort. I wonder how many of Tracy Brabin’s critics were men?

I prefer tinted moisturizer but, I just recently saw a video on mixing the tinted moisturizer with a pore or wrinkle filler. The lady brushed it on like paint instead using her fingers. Made her look younger and have a better complexion.

I bought my wife Polyfiller, worked well as long as she didn’t smile.

Tinted moisturiser all the way. Foundation doesn’t cover the cracks :wink:

Tinted moisturiser so natural . Just gives me colour . I dont like to see heavy make up on older women . I did have a make over freebie in Devenhams once , omg , my eyebrows were huge and dark , my face clogged and plumped , my lips outlined in deep pencil and topped off with lippy .

Clown like

I so agree with you there Susan. :023:
It always looks rather sad to me.