Formula 1 ~ 2022 Grand Prix season

Instead of creating a new thread for every Grand Prix, I thought I’d create one thread to discuss all the races for the 2022 season!

Starting with the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Share your race comments here!

F1 is a bit girly nowadays.



Safety first !

Pity he couldn’t hold off RB

as always


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Quite an interesting race…

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Yes. It was interesting. I wonder if Mercedes will fix their technical issues.

The over taking is to be welcomed, still there does seem a difference once again from the leading cars to the also rans.

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Yes, definitely! Looking forward to many more nail biting overtaking!

Not sure what d00d means about girly, but today’s race was really good, two drivers fighting for the win, fantastic, lots of teams have to sort their cars, but Ferrari and red bull seem to have hit the ground running, roll on Australia

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Don’t mind me. I remember the golden age, before power steering, double-declutching before a hairpin, and all that …


This season has surprised me with Mercedes lack of design and ideas to get the best from their race cars. Lewis deserves better than the car he has.

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He should have gone when at the top, hope he remembers all those he met on the way up. he’ll meet them again on his way down.

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Not very patriotic eh

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Yeah, I think Mercedes’ car is actually a porpoise :dolphin:

The Miami F1 race is tonight