Foreign Students and Skilled Migrants Allowed in Very Soon

Fully vaccinated international students and eligible visa holders from around the world, as well as tourists from Japan and South Korea will be welcomed back to Australia from next week.

Fully vaccinated travellers will not have to apply for an exemption to enter Australia from December 1

The government is also increasing the number of visa places for skilled migrants, students and refugees

Around 200,000 places in total will be available, but the government says it could be more.

Apply for your visa now…

My visa has been granted but I am still waiting for news re Queensland .

And my two dear ones are coming back from there in a few weeks!

80% vaccination will be reached in Queensland on about the 17th December but that doesn’t look much good for you as you would still have to quarantine. You will have to wait for 90% vaccination coverage in Queensland to be able to enter without restrictions. (At least that is how I read it).

As you can see Queensland is lagging behind the rest of the country (along with WA)

Thanks for this Bruce .
Just spoke to my son and he says that even Australians coming to the Gold Coast from outside of Queensland have to take a PCR test ( cost after much protestations reduced to $150 ) so for a family of 4 would be $600 just to drive north .
I will just have to bide my time .

The SA border opened to fully vaccinated people from NSW and Victoria today. As you can imagine Bordertown was very busy from Midnight as was Adelaide airport.

Bruce, this video is unavailable, it says :frowning:

You’re right, I just checked and there were two videos about this but both have disappeared from the ABC site. I have no idea why. This one just popped up as i looked so try that

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