Foreign river dangers

I was thinking the other day of our river trip up the River Nile and being told not to swim in it. I can’t say I ever saw a local doing it
Now as most know getting into cold water has an affect on human bladders and there is a good chance of wanting to having a pee. If one does then a steam of urine floats down with the water .I don’t know about other rivers but on the River Nile there are crocodiles, as we saw visiting the Nubian village, along side of the river.

Here is one or two being kept in a "“house” until they get bigger.

Now we were told that when they are put back in the river they can sense the human urine in it having lived in a “home” since being vey small. I leave you to imagine how.
Now this is the danger, a stream of human urine going down the river to Nile crocodiles is like humans drinking champagne, they love it. So the crocodiles make every effort to reach the source of the urine water trail. Next thing is they grab the private parts of a man or woman stupid enough to pee in the river Nile. This is why locals don’t swim in it


Sometimes it pays to read the signs…

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Foreign rivers aside, I have domestic issues just out back with a six-food alligator that has been hanging around the neighbor’s dock and cottonmouth snakes with the diameter of my wrist. It makes one very good at kayaking and SUPing.

Sometimes I think I should take up knitting…


Sounds so cool like a movie, I would honestly love Floridian reptiles all around

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Wildlife in France -
The … fouines have caused the most danger to us with chewing wires in your loft and vehicles but the Moles have caused Husband so much work as in removing all the many Mole Mounds so he can drive his tractor around to cut the ever growing Grass.

.fouines are a type of Pine Martin that tend to invade your loft spaces.Rivers here as wonderful and cant really see any danger with them…unless you happen to have one near your property and you not high up…

I got rid of moles by pouring smelly fluid into the holes, I think it was Jeyes fluid and some petrol. The grass was fine

Polluting the earth we live from…never ever use chemicals in the garden, we respect living creatures for sure…They have rights but we have the moans I guess…

12 year old girl’s remains found

I can’t abide actions like this. And you say you like animals, pfft!

I do all sorts to support wildlife such as having a pond whereas many people fill them in, or don’t provide one.

I didn’t harm the moles, they simply stayed away from my lawn because the smell deterred them. I didn’t pour anything on the lovely animals

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