Football players pay rise

I often do work at Watford training ground at london colony , next door its arsenal ground in what I sometimes do work , at Watford the players are on less than half in what arsenal players, remember a short while back at Watford the manager was explaining to us how the wage structure in the different divisions and sponsors , he said if Watford moved up to the premier league the players would get a large pay rise , some players will get £20.000 £30.000 and £40.000 plus aweek pay rise , depending on the player, I just heard Watford has been promoted to premier league

I’d be more interested in what the lower paid workers get out of it, cleaners etc.

Markey, are you really trying to get my blood pressure up :wink:

It’s a piece of bloomin nonsense. Kicking a ball about a field?

Cleaners don’t score goals, the ones that do bring in the money to pay the cleaners.

There is one chap kicking a ball about a field who is on £300.000 a week.

It is the fault of the fans for paying over inflated prices to watch them.

Celebrities get paid megabucks. Football players are treated like celebrities to some. I can sort of understand it.

But without the support staff they wouldn’t be able to even play a game. They need the cleaners etc to be able to kick a ball.

Don’t know about the cleaners that are Eastern European woman , I know the ground staff are not on much money

Footballers=Football Pools, the staple way out of poverty, 2 million to one chance. Lottery, the new way out of poverty, 14 million to one chance, thank you Footballers.

It seems that football (at the top level) is no longer a sport, but a business. You pay top dollar to get the best players and if you’re successful, more people will pay to see them.
But again, top footballers are another easy target. Only a few earn the megabucks that are mentioned in these posts and every weekend, lower ranked clubs, right down to pub teams, turn out for very little reward.

As for what the lower paid staff get out of it - I’m afraid that nobody is going to say “Let’s go and watch the ‘Rovers’. Their cleaners do a great job.”

I didn’t say they would but surely everyone should be raised up when the top gets such a rise ! The players are doing nothing more to earn it so spread the love amongst the entire work force.

I expect that clubs have to pay top rates to ‘buy’ or retain their best players and even if we think that they are paid obscene amounts of money for kicking a ball around, well that’s just how it is.

Added to that, Sports men & women tend to have a relatively short playing career and during that, they’re only one injury away from possible obscurity.

Those of us who do not possess these skills which attract high incomes, either have to improve our position or accept the going rate for the job that we do.

Can you not understand when a company does well they could help all the staff ? your stance of have to improve your position etc is ridiculous for many people and if we all accept least employers will give us no one would ever get a pay rise.

People say it’s how it is well I say it’s not how it should be nor how it needs to be. Help everyone live better get people off the benefits that are paying big businesses wages, working tax credit etc is making you tax bill higher and keeping wage bills down for businesses. Is that really good financial sense ?

Not being funny julie , you can find a cleaners anywere, a person that have a professional skill are hard to find

This has always been an employers mantra, the only way to escape it is to go self employed, GW must be aware that us self employed Plebs, are only one injury away from a financial catastrophe, don’t mean I can charge double to create a “Slush Fund”.

What the fans pay at the turnstile is just the tip of the iceberg the real money comes from the lucrative TV deals and merchandising.

To be on this particular gravy-train you need to be in the Premier League and preferable in the European Champions league hence the need to get the very best players and pay top rates to achieve this.

Spot on.

None of them are worth ‘mega bucks’
Its the fault of the BBC and the like that pay these amounts, if everyone stood firm together, and just paid a ‘decent’ wage, celebs and the like ‘would have to’ accept it, like everyone else …

Not good ones you can’t that is something employers seem to forget, seen plenty of people over the years think anyone can be a cleaner only to find they can’t.

Yes julie good staff are hard to find, I know of a small firm in South london , they are small but have a large turn over , the boss treats everyone well , the couple cleaners he has are on a fabulous wage , and everyone get a large xmas bonus , been told everyone gets the same, friend used to work there