Food vacuum sealer machine

So I have just bought on Amazon a Food vacuum sealer machine as I live on my own I tend to waste a lot of food so thought this may help. Anyone else got one, do you find them any good ? Any tips ?

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Can you explain how it works?

I get fed up, trying to get that cling film from Tesco off the roll.

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Looks like a laminating machine lol.

Suspect it sucks the air out and heat seals the ends. Similar effect to those clothes vacuum bags that you see JML have adverstised on TV recently.

Deal: Homeasy Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Food Sealer Machine One-Touch Sealing/Vacuum for Dry Food Fresh Preservation with 10Pcs BPA-Free Seal Bags (Black)

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I think they are supposed to seal it for longer,Dex, as in,longer shelf life,especially the meat products, I don’t know anything about these sealants to be honest, I’ll stick with what I know.and just use ordinary freezer bags and canisters.

Unless there is a great advantage to using these sealant bags, maybe someone can explain that to me?

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I have a vacuum sealer that I bought years ago. I don’t use it much anymore but was using it a lot for a time. It does really keep things fresher. Mine has an attachment to put on mason jars that takes all the air out of the jar. I used those a lot for things like lettuce or soft fruit.

Without the jar attachment and just the sealer bags, I would use those for drier things. If the items are too wet, the juice get sucked into the machine.

For instance, cut apples could be pretty dry or have lots of juice. The dry apples would work in the sealer part. The wetter apples would work in a jar.

Mine also has some extra plastic containers that worked with the jar attachment. Those are good for things like saltine crackers or potato chips (crisps)

It all works great. The only downside is that you have to actually use it. After you break the seal on something, you have to reseal or it loses its freshness.

Can’t be sure, but suspect that sucking the air out might help keep bacteria related decay at bay, and maybe you could use boil in the bag methods to cook or reheat things?

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Spot on.

Great if you bulk buy, or cook in bulk and freeze.

Boil in the bag no ot really, but great for sous vide.

All you need for that is a thermometer.

The bags cost 22p each

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I can’t see that I would benefit, I wouldn’t ever keep any sealed meat in a freezer for 3 years, I would imagine if you bought in bulk, would be great…or those with large families, these sealants have good reviews though.

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You could cook something now, eat part of it and store the rest until the next time you’ve saved up enough money to pay for the fuel to reheat it, which could be years away!!

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I wouldn’t be without mine! I buy fresh veg in bulk when in season - vac pack and freeze in portions. The advantages of vac packing are - the packages take up less space than rigid containers, food stays fresher for longer, reduces the risk of freezer burn, and also reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. You can vac pack food for the refridgerator as well - but mine is used mainly for freezing. Would be lost without it. One tip - I do not buy bags - I buy continous rolls - which I cut to the size I need at the time - less waste - less expense.


I think it’s a great idea to buy one, if you waste a lot of food,:+1::+1:…like you say you do.

If I did that, then I would probably do the same…nothing gets wasted in this house, we have hard times ahead, especially when winter finally arrives.

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Now you’ve explained it well,ST…I may be buying one from Lakeland ,when I next visit my son…thanks for that.:+1:

I once thought about getting one until I discovered that you have to use special plastic bags so I just stuck to ordinary freezer bags, a straw and a knot.

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Think ST has summed it up the benefits, food will keep longer in fridge.
I have also recently started cold smoking cheese and looking to use this to seal the cheese
in also.

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Do you ever use yours for crafts?

I saw a really good idea where a lady had sealed some glycerine and glitter in a flattish pouch and used it to make a snow globe insert for her cards, I thought it was really clever :+1:

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I use mine for things beyond foods.

I vacuum sealed some matches so they would be dry when I need them.

I also vacuum sealed some ink samples so they wouldn’t dry out. They’ve lasted many years without drying out compared to the bottles I left out that got dried out.


Some of my wild swimming friends seal their mobile phone in, for extra protection when they take it in the sea with them in a waterproof pouch

But you can only leave it in for a short time or it starts to overheat


@butterscotch and @Maree

No - mine is purely for food :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:


Does sliced ham last longer in the fridge if you use one of these sealants?

Yes - it does.

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