Food shortages after Brexit - stock up with what?

According to a recent press item, it seems the queen likes to partake of the occasional Fray Bentos tinned pie during a flight.

Given the scare mongering re food shortages after Brexit, I find myself wondering if I should perhaps stock up on some tinned/packet groceries.

What, if any, store cupboard items can you suggest?

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I have to admit I am partial to a fray Bentos steak and kidney pie.

You appear to be in good company, LQ.

Well yes, I am the Queen . More Queen than Elizabeth so they better put extra steak in my fray Bentos pie :wink:

Do you actually believe that about the Queen ?
Pies are not something I consume anyway so wouldn’t be on my list ,pies are supposed to be so bad for us ?
You could buy packets of flour in and make your own steak pie ?

I’m not stockpiling anything at the moment ( apart from toilet rolls ) although I always have a supply of canned fish , and baked beans in .

I suppose if you eat pasta you could stockpile some ?

Whatever will those who rely on foodbanks do ?

Tinned meat pie ,yuk…no thank you and I won’t be stockpiling anything.
Fresh is best and I never have any problem getting fresh seasonal food around here all year.
Pasta and bread, I make my own. Spices and rice come from Asia.

I have a problem at the moment, there are so many plums and damsons in my deep freeze I have little room for anything else and am going to have to eat some soon. They make a nice change from the local apples and pears in the winter.


I always have a stock of tinned and dried food in.

Nothing to do with Brexit at all.

Green Giant sweet corn.

Goes nice with lashing of egg mayo, toast & butter. :cool:

Why the panic anyway? Does the OP know something we don’t?

Mmmm - guess what I’ll be having for lunch tomorrow?

I don’t mind a decent steak pie but the tinned Fray Bentos variety are not to my taste. You even have a problem getting the lid off.

The latest scaremongering article -

THE Operation Yellowhammer no-deal contingency plan will affect Britons differently according to their referendum vote. Here’s how:

Food shortages:
Remainers will struggle to obtain their pampered elite staples like quinoa, sourdough, and milk. Brexiters can continue to enjoy honest staples like Fray Bentos pies, tins of all-day breakfast and Ben Shaws cherryade without fear of rationing.

Love it, LD!

I have always got at least 12 cans of Tuna in Springwater for Coco in case there is a shortage, being that is all she eats.

I also have Tin Red Salmon for myself.

What a load of old cobblers!
I can guarantee if you nip down to your local farm shop or supermarket there will be loads of nourishing food available. If there are shortages it we be quite fun to try something different…Only fussy eaters will struggle…

escargot, sauerkraut, bockwurst,

… yum

Like I said d00d, ‘Fussy Eaters!’…:smiley:

I used to have their minced beef and onion pies. Cut off the lid, stick it in the oven then watch the top go nice and crisp but then see the horror that awaits, soggy everywhere else. The meat tasted good, i wouldn’t have had them otherwise but no matter how long i left the pie in the oven, the base and side were always soggy. The only time the base and sides cooked as they should do with a pie is when i over cooked it and the top was burnt to a crisp and the meat was burnt also. Then for some reason the supermarkets where i lived stopped selling them and I’ve not eaten one again for approx 15 years.

As for the stock issue coming from the usual ‘Project Fear’ suspects, Those who control the food distribution chain will not allow stock to be an issue because they know full well what will happen. Control’s at the border will be increased which will of course cause a delay BUT whichever food distributor gets their produce to the stores first will be the one the public will be flocking too to get their goods. Do you honestly think that the big 3, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury are going to allow either one of them to get stock in before they do, knowing they could potentially lose millions in a few days just because the public went to a competitor that got the stock in first, no of course they wont.

I can live on simple things like eggs , baked beans on toast , baked potatoes , soup , and take a multivitamin if necessary .