Folk/ traditional Music

This thread is dedicated to inspiring traditional/ethnic music/songs irrespective of race or language.

Share your unique folk/ethnic songs/ sounds here.

I’d love to hear some traditional Gaelic music as well.

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Probably not quite what you are looking for, but her vocals are amazing!

Wiki:. Cajun music is the music of the white Cajuns of south Louisiana, while zydeco is the music of the black Creoles of the same region.

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Thank you @Psmith

This was amazing @PixieKnuckles

@Chillie6 thank you, so unusual

Traditional music is important because all music genres have it roots in traditional/folk music

Expand your musical horizons

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I think most would consider Fela Kuti as inspiring.

Copied and Pasted…
Aullaqsimaguvit ukiutaqtumi
Iqaumajaqattalanga taikanimiutaq

Kuuk quaqqat



When you find yourself traveling in the Arctic
While the wind blows
Remind them of me
Remind them I used to love them

If you travel through a blizzard
During the time when the river freezes
In the early fall
Make sure to dress warm
Make sure they are warm

I used to love them

Great drinking song… :innocent:

Thanks beautiful Psmith

Yes indeed Di


I do like some folkie music, especially if there’s a rock element to it such as Steel Eye Span.

And Pentangle:


Thanks for sharing Percy :slight_smile:

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