Flying shark

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A 7ft Mako is a baby, I have caught bigger sharks off Aberystwyth.

The scary thing is when you hook one, it tows a 30ft boat backwards and then,when you finally get it close, it then decides to charge the boat and take huge bites out of it.

Fibreglass versus a shark bite, is not fun.

The biggest shark I have caught was 442 Kilos, and no, it did not go to waste, it was abroad and given to the locals, a great source of protein.

The biggest shark I have seen close up was here in the UK.

Sharking in Cardigan Bay.

Chum, which is minced smelly fish in onion bags over the side, sharks have fantastic taste and smell ability, so attracts them for miles down tide.

Things were very quiet, not even a tope, a common small species of shark, normally only 40 to 50 lbs in weight.

Most unusual, then some time later we found out why.

Up it came and ripped off one of the onion nets.

It was best described as two 50 gallon oil drums, welded together, with a head and a tail.

No idea what it was ,just grateful it did not take a bait.

It was not Jaws size like in the movie, it was real, it was just genuinely huge and best left alone.


I’ve never understood anyone killing things for sport.


Think I’ll stick with catching that elusive specimen perch :slightly_smiling_face:

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When I was a teenager I read a book by a bloke who started a shark fishing industry in Scotland, whether it still survives I don’t know (the industry not the book) but it was a fascinating tale.


Who said anything about killing for sport?

Neither have I

They were shark tagging.

Shark tagging isn’t a new venture for Sea Ventures Charters in Maine. But last month, those on board the company’s fishing boat had a “once-in-a-lifetime experience” – when a large mako shark jumped out of the water and plopped right on the deck.

Sea Ventures Charters posted about the experience on Facebook, saying it had been a “lovely day” tagging and releasing sharks. That’s when “a big mako took the bait,” the company said.

Well, thanks for that video, I did enjoy it

They got a bit of a shock, didn’t they? The taggers tagged!:rofl: You don’t want a live shark round the ear ‘ole!

I’m glad it was just a tagging mission and he got freed …… Go Sharky!

@ swimfeeders," tow a 30ft boat"
Yep, a similar thing happened to me off the coast of Mozambique ,
when a whale shark caught us whilst quietly fishing for sailfish !!
We both thought we had got a bite at the same time, and were both merrily
winding and pumping away when this long spotted creature appeared
appeared alongside, gave us the eye , then swam away taking most
of our tackle !!
We had not brought the fish to the boat!
We had brought the boat to the fish !! LOL! :+1::grin::grin::+1:

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I have never killed anything for sport, only for food and pest control.