Fly your name around the moon!

Just a bit of nonsense from NASA really

But you can sign up for a “boarding pass” and your name will get added to a flash drive flying round the the moon on board the Artemis 1 !

I signed up mum and dad, it’s the sort of thing that would have made them laugh!

Fly your name around the moon

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I think, l’d rather keep the money! Or is it free?
I mean who on earth would appreciate seeing your name? Only yourself!
I think this is something for people who don’t go out much and want a bit of 3 minutes of fame!,

It’s free, it doesn’t cost you anything

You just enter your name, it sends you back a novelty boarding pass you can download and print and then your name goes on the flash drive that will be taken on board for the flight

This isn’t the first time they’ve done it

They invited people to submit their names to ride along in the Mars rover.

And 10,932,295 names put their names forward and those names are now sitting on Mars written on three fingernail-sized chips on board the Perseverance rover!

Earthlings Names on Mars

Oh! Then that’s ok then!
I thought it was like those that buy a bit of the Moon, or stars!!

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…and there they sit just waiting to be found by the next intergalactic scammer who fancies stealing your identity.