Flirting in the office?

Why would a female work colleague ask me if I have ever had an affair? She is new to the office and we are working together on a specific project.

Perhaps she has you pencilled in as her bit on the side?

Just for fun I expect and to get you laughing …I wouldnt read anything into it just treat it as fun.

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Here we go again.

I think David should consider a change of career.You don’t get that sort of a problem on a building site.


Teasing, probably? I expect your colleagues put her up to it :rofl:

Maybe it was a bet? :wink:

Maybe his luck is changing

Just female chat, she obviously thinks of you as a friend and a good listener, or perhaps she fancies you.

Ignore it. Concentrate on the project at hand.

I think it was very inappropriate, and i would be very careful around her if i were you.David_P

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I do think it’s a set up, either a joke or colleagues putting her up to it.

And not appropriate for the work place, it’s all too easy for accusations to start flying around

Be careful, make sure there’s none of that accidental touching and keep it professional

Unless you fancy your chances, of course! :rofl:

This is why Britain lost it’s competitive edge, the office becoming a FOC knocking shop :laughing: :icon_wink:

By way of reply you could have asked if she’s in the habit of photocopying her bum on the Xerox machine.
Then again perhaps not.
Anyway the moment is lost :wink:

if you are single and available whats the prblem?
if your not single then just tell her your happily married…

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Hang about, she didn’t ask him if he wanted an affair, just if he’d ever had one :rofl:

Perhaps she’s a private investigator hired by his wife :mag::female_detective: