Flat Packed Furniture

I bought a little ‘work station’ for my food mixer but there is no way I would trust it!

  1. As I began to unpack it - I became aware of a nasty smell. The base of the drawer and the underside of the tiled top were thickly coated in a black mould that took three JCloths, white vinegar, and an anti bacterial disinfectant to remove. It was disgusting.

  2. The instructions were not really clear - and I am used to ‘flat pack’ stuff.

  3. The screw holes are not properly alligned - had to redrill some of them.

  4. The screws themselves are made from very soft metal - tightening them just sheared off bits from the tops.

  5. The whole unit is so flimsy - there is not way I would trust it to hold my food mixer - especially not while it was working! Have put it in the garage to hold plant pots - which is all it is fit for.

If I had not redrilled the screw holes - it would have been sent back. Too late now - but so disappointing!


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That is horrible!

I make a complaint, send them the photos ad say you are going to shame them on Social Media and give bad reviews!

And ask for a refund :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I think its worth writing to them , because you might be one of many that had problems with it.
The mold being the biggest issue in my eyes , it being a health hazzard.

Just bring it to their attention , and suggest they look at other work stations they have , most flat packs are coming down a chain of suppliers and along the line theres a big problem.

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I have written, with attached photos, to the manufacturers and to the retailer - I bought the thing via Amazon - so left a bad review about it there as well.


hope you saved the packing , in case they ask for it back .
Fingers crossed you get some compensation .

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I think you did the right thing, ST. I hope THEY did the right thing!

ST, That was shocking. I would never have accepted the item.
I wonder why it was mouldy?

Had it been stored in damp conditions?
Had it been stored outside in the rain?
Or, was it ‘flood damage stock’?

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Your contract under the sale of goods act is with the vendor, not IKEA. The vendor is required by law to at least replace it. I would go for 100% refund. You should get it.

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I have just built an Ikea coffee table that was delivered yesterday. To be honest if it wasn’t for my pair of large pliers I doubt I could have built it. The instructions glibly showed double ended screws to hold on the legs but getting them in was a bugger.

It took me two sessions with a rest in between. my son is visiting this weekend so I will enlist his help to built the sofa currently still boxed in my middle room. I need his help to get the old sofa out anyway. Ikea do offer a “building” service I might make use of it next time, I am getting too old for this.

In a way flat pack is very convenient, I recall that two sofas ago I had to remove the feet off a sofa bed and the back door to get the damn thing in the house, though the deliverers were completely unfazed by it.

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That looks disgusting. I reckon I would have returned it somehow and held off for a refund.

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Faulty stuff returned - just waiting for the refund to arrive.

Meanwhile - I did what I should have done in the first place and bought one from Ikea. It arrived today - 5 mins to unpack - 15 mins to put together - and I am completely delighted with the result. God bless whoever invented Allen Keys!

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My new sofa and coffee table was flat pack, though the sofa wasn’t very flat it was four boxes plus some poles.

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