Fishes and flowers

I took these in my garden this morn just before the rains came.

The fishes are asking me to feed them.

They don’t show up that well, but these are Snapdragons somehow growing up through a rose bush in an old French milk churn.

More roses in replica milk jugs.

The white bits are actually water droplets. The blue flowers are a hebe.


The colors on the flowers are beautiful! I like the red flowers with the purple on the side. Like someone picked the colors for a painting.

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Very pretty Fruitcake, I love how you make use of all your different pots. :smiley:

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He is good!!

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I am a great believer in stylish and fashionable pots. I use one to hold a frangipani tree :wink:


Nice one. Pity the auto watering system has been removed though. :rofl: