First Day

Hello to all from a blustery north of England.
Trying to find my way around & looking for our missing summer, is it hiding in here?

Hello and welcome from a fellow Northumbrian

Hello Dione :slight_smile: welcome…

It isn’t but if I had it I don’t think I would be giving it away…my summer clothes are still largely unworn!

Welcome Dione.

Two weeks ago, I read that we were going to have a heatwave lasting until the end of September, today I read that we will be getting Atlantic storms instead.

Which are we most likely to get I wonder?

we have a person called Summer as a member, maybe she is the one your lookingf or

Hello Dione :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Hi Dione, welcome :039:

No summer here I’m afraid…
but lots of warm people! :smiley:

Good afternoon Dione darlin’ and welcome. I think the summer is here with me. Sitting here under a cloudless blue sky and warm sunshine at the moment.

Hello and welcome from me too :slight_smile:

Welcome, Dione! You may have a bit of my summer here in Florida (U.S). It was a toasty 32.8 degrees with 85% humidity today. We ciould use some rain. I hope you enjoy the forum.

Warm welcome Dione.If you do find summer please let me