First Dates - TV show on Channel 4

Just seen this on the box .
Dear me I would rather die than go on this .
How can people put themselves in such a potentially humiliating situation .


I love watching first dates :lol:

I’d never go on it myself but it’s so nice when it works out and they’re a good match for each other :smiley:

I love how much of a gent this guy was (and how she was thoughtful enough to ask to go first - there are some that ask the other to go first only to then say no themselves!!)

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Just my thoughts.

I think the younger generation are different to us, they put themselves out there, no way could I be that brave.

I guess you have to make yourself vulnerable, to see if you do get that spark ,with a first date, even on TV…that guy made himself vulnerable and he handled her rejection well.she was open and honest with him, I liked that…he was very positive!

I have only watched First Dates a few times. You wonder if they are given some sort of script to follow?

I dislike it, when some of the women start pinching the food off the man’s plate without permission and eating it… very rude and greedy!

I don’t understand how people can make a decision of whether it may work, on just one date.
In my time I have been on many dates & , unless I find them really awful, I would always want to meet up again & get to know them better. How can anybody get to know somebody when you have just spent a few hours together? For me, it takes a lot longer to understand the person, and the only way you can do that is to spend more time together.

It’s such an unnatural situation first dates are nerve racking without a camera crew not to mention millions of people looking in . IMO They were all a bit on the weird side.

I’m always hoping and praying, that someone pops up on that show, that I recognise quite well. Be interesting to see what baloney, and porkie pies they come out with! :laughing: :laughing: