Fire at local Sainsbury

They are currently moving Argos into the store. Part of car part was cordoned off with a temporary tent to move goods into shop. No details yet.

Crikey :astonished:

Those damn Lithium batteries…

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Oh my that looks terrible.

Just a rumour that it was a vape battery. :upside_down_face:

Officials for the company have said an investigation is under way into the cause of the fire and the store has reopened this afternoon.

Those Lithium batteries are turning out not to be as safe as they first thought Cinders.
Obviously they’ll hush it up though, don’t want folks going back to conventional power sources…Or God forbit…Diesels…

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Local paper reported: “Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service said crews from Lynn – including their aerial ladder platform, Downham, Sandringham, Wisbech, Long Sutton, Terrington, Hunstanton and Massingham attended the blaze. A stop was called to the incident at 9.14pm”.

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This is very scary. :astonished: :open_mouth:

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Lithium batteries are basically the storage of unstable energy. Unlike liquid fuels, it doesn’t need a spark to unleash all of the energy stored within.

They are extremely dangerous, and people should not be able to purchase any e product without having some training about how to dispose of them, their proper storage and charging.

“Across the country 48% of waste fires are caused by lithium-ion batteries, which totals more than 200 each year, the fire service said”.

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