Fiona the loneliest sheep

Has been rescued

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There is always a solution. If the mind is willing, the body is able. Well done to those farmers.

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@Muddy They should have sent Billy Connolly along as he has a way with sheep :wink:

Fiona’s been to the baa-baa’s:



lol :joy: :joy:

Arr, love this story. So glad she finally got rescued. Well done to everybody involved. :sunglasses::clap::clap::clap:
Thanks for sharing. :+1:

Oh so lovely, she’s saved :two_hearts:

She must have been so lonely without her flock and all that wool weighing her down

But this worried me a bit

“She is going to a very special place that a lot of you know very well, where you’ll be able to see her virtually every day.”

That’s not Tescos, is it :rofl::rofl:

I just couldn’t believe it.