Fingerless gloves

Does anyone here wear fingerless gloves and do you like them?

I suffer raynauds and am toying with the idea of buying some but I would like to hear from someone who already tried them. I cant understand how they work if fingers aren’t covered?

Have a look at this, Bev - hopefully it will explain more to you.

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Not completely fingerless, but I use these because of touch screens on my photo equipment.

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Not sure if fingerless would help you or not, Queenie, because isnt it the fingers that get cold and stiff with that complaint, so I would imagine they would need warmth, not exposure?

I used to wear them when i had a lot of outdoor jobs to do on a small holding, when my hands got so cold but I still needed to be able to grip things, or even hold onto dog leads, and found them fairly handy.

Have you got some old gloves you could cut the fingers off to try it out before buying nice ones?

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Yes, I wear them but not those special Raynauds silver ones.

Because the rest of your hand is warm it does help with your fingers. I put mine on after I’ve been swimming in the sea, to help me warm up.

But your fingers do still get cold so my favourite ones are these.

They have a bit on the back which is like a mitten that you can fold over your fingers and thumb when they get cold, and fold back when you want to use your fingers.

It’s a bit awkward with your thumb, like wearing a sock on your hand! But is does work.


Sorry for rattling on about they might not suit you, Queenie, thats what i get for not reading about the special Reynaurds ones first. :roll_eyes:

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I think that some fingerless gloves cover most of the joints, which is probably important for Reynaud’s sufferers.

I have an old woollen pair which I haven’t worn for years. Very useful for picking your nose.

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thanks all and thanks for that link Mags, and JayB thanks for the tip lad haha

I was looking for fingerless gloves to give someone who loves gardening, for Christmas.

I found many were of a thick knit that l thought would be cumbersome, so l didn’t buy any.

My friend has a little company she makes all sorts of knitted things including fingerless gloves I’m not sure they would be any good for gardening though …look for Yorkshire Grey Sheep on Facebook if you’re interested…sorry I’ve no idea how to post a link to there or if its allowed

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Thank You, summer. I will have a look.