Finger Nails

Do you take care of your hands, or they just work horses?

Do you have strong nails and still paint them pretty colours? Or do you bite them. Or maybe you have false nails even?

I have never tried false nails in my life.
It’s not so much that I’m ‘Anti’ false nails, it’s just something I’ve never really thought about. I suppose always being around animals all day, then gardening alot, long painted nails wouldn’t really be appropriate. I quite like to see nice hands though.

So how do you look after your hands - or don’t you?

I’m so guilty of NOT taking care of my hands/nails. I have a friend who is always telling me, go get your nails done…I don’t flipping want to so I’ll do what I bloody well want to do LOL. I’m me, tidied hands don’t make me any better or worse of the person I am.

Mups :slight_smile: I seem to spend my life cooking/cleaning/gardening so keep my nails short and clean.

I don’t know how women with long artificial talons manage to do any housework :confused: I suppose they wear rubber gloves,

I would never have false nails stuck on and don’t even like nail polish, it seems to remove some of the sensitivity in my fingers.

I usually have beautiful nails, but today I snapped one clean off :frowning:

Always my own nails, I only had 1 false nail (acrylic??) put on once as an emergency, and hated the condition it left my real nail in

Right now my nails are a lovely navy blue but now Ive broken one, that colour will come off and Ive a pearly brownish pink to go on tomorrow

In work my hands are protected with gloves and marigolds which is why I think my nails are doing so well at the moment.

Scratch yer eyes out…

Sadly my nails are a mess now I’ve got older. I get vertical ridges along every one which wouldn’t be except they also split vertically all the time so I’m having to cut the crack back, and they never grow without forming splits. If anyone’s got a solution I’d be really grateful. I’ve tried vitamin D, olive oil and those over the counter bottles which are a waste of money.

I have my nails reasonably short, neatly filed into an almond shape and buffed up with a chamois leather buffer. Would not dream of using polish/varnish on them. Hate those exaggerated square things with white painted ends to them - they are so ugly.

I have the same problem and it has taken 3 years of vitamin D supplements to help. It also helps to keep you nails and cuticles hydrated…I use Aqueous cream immediately after washing them, but the best thing is to make sure you spend at least 30 mins in the sun, everyday during the summer.:slight_smile:

I have always bitten my nails. I dislike long finger nails or those with varnish on them, YUCK!

And I cant abide bitten finger nails

Disgusting habit

I keep my nails just growing over fingertip.
I paint them with a VERY pale pink , used to go to the nail salon , but don"t bother so much these days. I take an iron supplement 3 times a week and that has helped greatly.

My nails are okay but my fingertips are in a terrible state through working in dry conditions or not keeping hydrated. Tried many times to eradicate this but some people have skin than becomes chapped, others don’t. I’ll live with it.

Well you don’t have to do, do you? It suits me and I shall continue to do so until I turn up my toes, so there. I do ensure my hands are clean, I get through a lot of hand gel!:mrgreen:


If people on this forum disapprove I must be doing something right!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I have never been to a nail salon. My nails are quite flexible and still pinky/pearly looking. I can grow them, but if one breaks I have to trim all the others the same length. Never worn nail polish, but I do shape them with an emery board. I can’t do without hand cream and get through buckets of it. I have a bad habit of pushing down my cuticles with my fingers (not the nails) which makes me look as if I am fidgeting.

I look after my own nails these days although I used to go to the salon. I keep them short out of necessity because I’m always doing stuff that breaks them.

Yes I use polish not always coloured sometimes I just have a coat of Hard as Nails on that’s the same finish as clear varnish.

A dishwasher must be vital to keep those long false nails on. Never had a dishwasher, I’d rather have the cupboard space. My nails are short and clean and I use plenty of hand cream. No particular cream ,just regular use.

Hard as nails is my holy grail of nail care. Never without a bottle or three

I’ve only been once to a nail salon, for the emergency repair. I’ve always done my own nails I had a sort out of nail polish earlier in the year and threw out 30 or 40 bottles. I still have about 30 colours here and I add new ones regularly

Never thought of it Newcomer, but yes I have a dishwasher and I think it helps preserve real nails as well, plus saves hands drying out. I sometimes get contact dermatitis, but since having a dishwasher it has helped a lot.