Field of Orchids

just a short film of a field of Orchids , the filming was done by bending over holding Camera at same level as Orchids and walking along .

Hope you like and enjoy .


Beautiful! Orchids are so lovely.

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well done but back breaking having to bend down that much for so long

Beautiful. Thanks for showing us.

I think I would have fallen flat on my face :rofl:

Thank you @butterscotch , to see two fields full when i had not seen any before was a marvel .

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Thank You @Chelsea62 you are most welcome ,.

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Beautiful orchids Eliza, i have never seen them in fields like that before…

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Thank you @Mags , they are on a nature reserve the biggest national field of Orchids, I was taken back by them all , and we sort of saw them by chance when a couple told us they were in a field behind where we were sitting .

Lovely :heart_eyes:

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