Favourite moisturiser?

For years I’ve used Liz Earle’s light moisturiser having combination skin. Now I’ve noticed I’m getting drier patches so think I need to up the ante

What’s your favourite ?

Neal’s Yard Frankincense Hydrating cream…gorgeous, does a fabulous job, not the cheapest but you only need a little.

Changed my mind … deleted. :lol:

Coconut oil I apply then wash off fabulous stuff and cheap !


The main ingredient in most moisturisers is water, that is what you are paying for.

Harvard Medical School, who do know what they are talking about.

For anti wrinkle creams,

I may have some fun on this thread, at least on a scientific basis.

One of my ex neighbours was a researcher in cosmetics, she had gorgeous skin and hair.

They do some nice products ruthio, as you say.

I have used some of their stuff, but I tend to stay mostly with
people called “Handmade Naturals.” I love their stuff.
Nothing nasty, lots of herbs, no parabens etc.

Whatever’s cheapest as long as it has minimum SPF of 15 :o

Ah Nicol … a girl after my own heart.

If it ain’t on offer or only about a quid or two I don’t buy it.

Cuticura with aloe vera and chamomile is a wonderful hydrator, as is Cyclax with aloe vera.
Never mind the wrinkles those two really make the skin feel better fed.

I prefer to go for the old, tried and tested brands, Ponds, Nivea, Astral and Olay.
I use Astral or Nivea under my Liechner foundation. Ponds cleanser to remove my make up at night (every night! l have rarely missed) and either Nivea or Olay Night Cream.
I have tried some of the expensive brands but l usually get an allergic reaction to them. Maybe, they are too perfumed?

I just use E45 cream for just about everything. Marvelous stuff. Don’t try putting it on in big blobs and spreading it though as this will stretch the skin. Dab very small spots on gently with the tip of your middle finger. Then spread gently and leave it to absorb before doing whatever you normally do after. I even use it for removing make up.

I like the older brands too … though Olay isn’t what it used to be when it was called Ulay.

You remove make-up every night?
I’ve just had to have a think when I last bothered to wear any make up … it was my brother’s wedding in Oct 2015.
I had to buy some new mascara for that too as my old one had dried up.

They do a slightly lighter form as an aerosol spray, my husband loves it to shave with, and I love it for my feet, much less greasy than the tubs but just as moisturing.

I have always used the cheap Cocobutter as I only use it for dry skin.

My Mum from her Teens right up to the day she passed away always used Nivera and her skin was perfect.

There was a programme on the TV about cosmetics last night. It turned out that the most effective of the moisturisers was Nivea, but in reality keeping out of the sun and wearing a sunscreen was the best thing anyone can do to avoid wrinkles, etc. Some of the marketing nonsense was amazing - as were some of the prices people pay for moisturisers and cosmetics.
I’ve don’t pay much for moisturiser. As long as it is not perfumed I am OK. A quick wipe round with an oily rag will do for me.

I saw some of that programme too, Aerolor, and some of the cheaper brands were coming out best, as you say.

I don’t use any moisturizers with perfume either, and I always read the label ingredients too. I won’t use anything with BHT as this is known to cause cancers in animal testing.
Some of the Aveeno hand creams have BHT.

I read the small print on the back, not the sales blah on the front. :slight_smile:

I almost always use Handmade Naturals or Neale’s Yard stuff.
I know it’s dearer, but I prefer the ingredients.

I have always though most moisturisers are a waste of money unless you are using one for sun protection.

I buy anything that is on offer in Boots with sun protection to put on my face because I am out walking every day . Last one was Nivea Moisture Moisturising Sun Lotion High SPF 30 it was uner £5.

I use E45 on my feet and legs under £5 a tub , I don’t really like using creams and feeling greasy.

I watched the programme as well, it was called ‘Looking Good’.

I find E45 too greesy for me.

I wish moisturisers came with a ‘use by’ date.

Recently, l found in my cupboard, five Olay Moisturisers that l had either bought or received as presents.
As l didn’t know which was the oldest, l rang Olay to see if they could tell me if they were still ok to use.

Using the production numbers on the packs, the lady was able to tell me when they were manufactured.
I think, she said, it was up to three years that they were ok but after that, some of the ingredients weren’t as effective.

One of my moisturisers was five years old and l have been lavishing it on to use it up quickly!

I have written the dates of manufacture on the remaining moisturisers.

I’ve recently gone back to using Nivea creme after a very long break. But I don’t use it alone. I use bio oil around my eyes and a bit on my cheeks and neck. Bio oil may seem dear but it’s very good value for money because you only use a tiny bit.

I was using estee lauder before the nivea, combined with protect & perfect serum around my eyes and the bio oil, plus I wasn’t washing my face just using neal’s yard cleanser. Sometime in the Autumn I started washing my face instead of the cleanser. Just a random decision. I’m not sure it’s a good move to start washing my face at this point in time but it’s so much quicker and easier than cleansing.

Nivea is a really good product. You can get a massive tub for £2.50. But I do think you need something more for the delicate skin around the eyes.

I wear make up every day and I never bother to take it off at night. Maybe if I wore mascara I might. Unless I have a bath or shower in the evening I never bother to moisturise at night and it hasn’t made a jot of difference to sleep without this ritual.

Oh and the other good thing about both bio oil and nivea is that very few people react to them. Whereas all the flash super-expensive creams can bring you out in blotches if you have sensitive skin.