Favourite Charity at Christmas?

I’m not asking how much you give or anything, none of my beeswax

But do you have favourite charities you like to give a little something to at Christmas?

Mine are the Salvation Army, Marie Curie nurses and the Cats Protection League

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British heart foundation and Alzheimer’s association. I just give to those that have have a particular significance to me :grinning:

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I support a cat charity all year round and I don’t do anything special because it is Christmas.


None whatsoever.

Edit- signed up to give a monthly donation to Sustrans recently. Have now cancelled the direct debit due to it sending me letters/info packs and yesterday an email from a partner charity asking for donations. I ain’t no cash cow!

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Once they’ve got your email and address ……:scream:


That’s lovely you do the cat charity, Mr Fraggle
I do the Cat’s Protection lottery by Direct Debit

Crohn’s and Colitis UK, Wood Green Animal Charity and Greyhound Trust - by direct debit throughout the year not just Christmas.

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The NHS.

I have 6 boxes of Quality Street and 10 slabs of Chillie Chocolate which will be delivered on Christmas Eve to the A&E, Resus and AMU Units as a thank you for working.

The Chillie Chocolate is for the Keralan Nurses who do not celebrate Christmas but who volunteer to work it so those who do can be with their kids.

I have a Carrier bag full of various Chocolate Bars by the front door door to be taken by the Paramedics and be shared every time they come.



Smashing, I bet they all appreciate you

@Maree about 30 years ago I worked with the homeless for an inner London local authority. It was hard to gain their trust but I always tried to treat them with respect and dignity. A lot of the men and women I tried to help said that they would rather sleep rough than go to a Salvation Army hostel because they said the staff routinely humiliated them. I don’t know if things have changed since then, but when ever I see their adds on TV I remember what my clients said.

Funnily enough, back in the eighties, I used to hear the same story from people who had stayed there :frowning:

But about ten years ago I delivered some gifts from our office to a Salvation Army centre, had a look round, saw what they do, met the cook and the rest is history, I’m not a Salvationist but I’ve been a volunteer in the kitchen ever since (watch them, they’re sneaky like that!)

I can honestly say in all my time there I’ve never seen anyone shamed or humiliated and they help the people no one else will.

They are amazingly non-judgemental about how people got where they are, more so than me, although I do try

They provide food, showers, toiletries, hot meals, do their laundry and send them out with clean clothes and the chef can create meals out of donated food you wouldn’t believe

I can’t speak for everywhere of course. But I hope things have changed


Hopefully things have changed, after all it was a long time ago.

I give to various animal and child charities by direct debit the year round my favourite Christmas charity is the Salvation Army. I have nothing but good about them of course they won’t allow drug addicts into their hostels because they are dangerous most hostels won’t

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I have 3 charities I donate to on a fairly regular basis: The Sally Army, The Samaritans, and our local hospice.

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This thread reminded me that I needed to give something and I tend to use the charities Amazon wishlist which means I can buy what they want and it is delivered to their door.
Thanks to a small tax rebate I was able to buy.
4 x Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter 30 Litre
4 x Felix Mixed Selection in Jelly Cat Food Pouches, 120 x 100g
4 x Whiskas Wet food pouches, 84 x 100g


PDSA, Blue Cross and Cat’s Protection.


The Salvation Army do a lot of work with drug and alcohol abusers in their hostels. They really are a very modern organisation nowadays

[Salvation Army sees reduction in drug overdose deaths]

Thank you for donating to them, I honestly think your money will do lots of good x

I am happy to hear that :slight_smile:

My favourite charity is the cat’s protection/rescue place where we collected our two kittens three years ago. I make a regular standing order to them.


Is that the one near the canal nearish to Sale?