Fashion at the Brit awards

How more ridiculous can celebrities make themselves ?
They all look terrible and those who wear them want their heads seeing too .

We, the ordinary little people, make these “stars” what they are. If we didn’t take any notice of them, there would be no point in their showing off. :slightly_smiling_face:

Its gets them talked about and boosts their fragile little egos, having them think they matter to anyone :smiley:

I had only heard of Adele whose dress looked like Mrs Munsters in this lot .

I did put it on but it was just too shouty and noisy for me and I dont know any of them. Didnt see the outfits either so it went off after 5 mins . I’m getting old🙄

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OMG - Ed Sheeran!! :joy: :rofl: :grin:

Some of those celebrities look amazing, I could never show that much cleavage, Adele looks gorgeous.

That first pic, she looks absolutely stunning, that dress is so sexy on her, she’s got the whole package…

Oti Mabuse, you look stunning girl, what a beauty you are…:+1:

Adele, you look so classy and elegant, you go girl, strut your stuff.:+1::heartpulse:

Most of them do look ridiculous, but ridiculous is normal in their world. :clown_face:

What are all those nobs getting awarded for?..
And what are the ‘Brit Awards’ all about then?

Don’t ask, Foxy. The more you know, the more annoyed you will get; take it from me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Harbal I try to avoid all that stuff…

I don’t watch such rubbish I just saw this article on what they were wearing .
I can’t believe Ed Sheeran paid money for that suit :slight_smile:

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I agree Muddy, he looks like his mother had dressed him and was making him go somewhere he didn’t want to go…

I quite like what Adele has on, however the rest of them look either look like slappers or ridiculous. Why do all those 3 blokes in Maneskin want to look like women? Jaime Winstone looks horrible imo

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When I saw what Jodie Whittaker had on I thought, Why!:open_mouth:
I quite liked Adele’s dress, but I only watched the bit where Adele got the award for best song & then I switched it, as the stupid chat in between awards drove me potty & most of the artists I had never heard of.

Don’t know about looking like women. With what they remind me of they should be called foreskin.


Lola Young looks like she got dressed in the dark while she was very drunk, and Ed Sheerin looks like a psychotic mannequin :joy:

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Mostly revolting and showing a want of self respect. One should not advertize what is not for sale!

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Same here, Susan. Too noisy by half.

These Celebs live in a world of their own, and its not a world I would ever want to be part of.

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Well, that gave me yet another look at what I’ve been missing on this side of the pond.

Entertainment at its best.