Fallen over water butt

last night with the heavy rain thunder and lightening the water butt fell again. I know what i did wrong last time the platform it was on was not level. This this time I levelled it up, infact now it tilts slightly towards the fence. also put a metal strap around it onto the fence.

Ok job done??? no way.as it is raining I couldn’t hear any rain water going into it, so further investigation required. First the gutter was blocked so cleared that and still no water into the butt
Next step check the downpipe coupling piece and that was also gummed up with fine tree bits so cleared that out. Then test and the flexable hose from downpipe to water butt also blocked. Luckily some time ago I bought a small flexable wire drain cleaner so pushed that up the hose and another load of “sh*t” came out.
ok all put back with the help of plumbers mate " great stuff as a water sealent" and all back as should be with water pouing into the butt, even I could hear it.